10 Ultimate Steps To Attaining The Wife-Material Status Ladies No. 8 Will Shock You

True Love Myths
True Love Myths

It is argued that campus ladies make no good “Wife Material”. This topic has often resulted to endless debates both in the society and lecture halls. In fact, it’s not a surprise to see a male graduate returning to their rural area in search of a random “Shamba Girl” for a wife.

I Personally believe that there are lots of gorgeous ladies in campus who are capable of making good life soul-mates.
Unfortunately, this percentage is overshadowed by the vibrant not-so-good campus ladies who literally run the campus atmosphere. With That said, I decided to compile a list of those things to do so as to Unleash the “Wife Material” in you when it becomes one of your priorities.

1. Just Be Yourself.

This sounds like a cliché, but the fact remains that most campus ladies find themselves living a different lifestyle when surrounded by people who are (semi) illiterate. It’s Human nature to classify Ourselves based on different criteria, but you don’t have to let this get to your head. Hey! The Education and knowledge gained from the University is meant to make you a better person; not to cause division.

2. Love Yourself

Most ladies confuse this to mean, not associating with “Low class”. Nope, Loving yourself simply means you being in charge of you. not letting others run your life. Accepting your skin tone, your social background, and not doing things out of your principles for validation by pals.

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3. Be Social.

By This, I don’t mean stopping everyone in your neighborhood for a two-hours chat. A simple response to their greetings and even initiating a “Habari Ya leo Mama Lucy” is good enough. Trust me, Greetings are associated with humility back at home.

4. Dress Decently.

Decency is not measured by the price of your cloths. Neither is it measured by the length of your dress. Instead, one out to be mindful of the society in which She is in. What may seem decent to one society, may totally be inappropriate in another. Am sure you did something to do with data analysis. study your society.

5.Be Flexible, Blend-in

Sometimes, life in campus is totally different from that in the society. While in campus, no one will question when you get back to your room in the morning after a busy night at the Wi-Fi hotspot. You can even leave the water running and lights-On all night long in you hostel. This is not always the case out there; bills have to be paid, hence try to fit-in as possible.

6. Know All It Takes To Be a Maid.

Yah! You Heard Me Right. You Ought to know How to Cook, Iron, Fetch Water, Tilling and Lighting up The “Three Stones Fire Cooker”. Hahaha! I’m serious. Just take your time to learn some of these basics. Even if you are not planning to use any of those skills, they might just come in handy when Your Future fiancée Takes you to his parents on the countryside.


7. Don’t Change.

After Marriage, there’s a tendency of the lady over relaxing. She Feels like she has achieved the ultimate status and forgets to be as “Sweet” as she was before the ring became hers. This will often turn the tables and before U know it, the guy will be treating the Maid way better than you.

8. Make Him Feel Loved.

The way you welcome him back home, the times and reasons for you calling him really determines the Wife Material you are. He probably settled for you because he loves you. Just keep it that way.
Also don’t forget that a Man needs freedom. Let Him have some time to himself at times. And Hey, Forget the Degrees you have. He is your Husband, not your “Learned Friend”.

9.Be Responsible and in Control Of The Family.

A Wife is the Keeper of the family. This is the time when your campus Management skills come in handy.
You will need to be more assertive once the kids come knocking. Teach them to be Lovable. Oops! I guess I took things way too fast. Back to campus life, forget the stuff about having kids for now. *wink*

10. Trust.

Trust is without a doubt, the foundation of a long-lasting Love Life. When your Lady-friends start feeding you with “news” about your fiancée/Husband, don’t judge before hearing his side of the truth. Always try to resolve issues instead of jumping to conclusions.
Happy Love Life My Sister from another Mother. Thank Me Later.



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