15 Amplifying Trust Tips You Must Consider in a Stable Relationship


Njoki, a 23 year old campus student has issues with her boyfriend. This has distracted her from concentrating in anything she does. It being the second Week of total silence between them, she tried everything that could bring them together. She talked to her best friend Kris to see if he could give her some advice and solutions. After sharing with him,Kris told  her that trust is the only thing lucking in their relationship.

Njoki decided to visit  Hill her boyfriend and find out the possibility of them mending the differences in their relationship.

Before Njoki could knock on her boyfriend’s door, she thought it wise to seek for help from other quarters. She then went ahead to sent a direct message on twitter asking for help from Magazine Reel readers.

Just as Njoki is feeling today, we all have that problem of trust. No one amongst us is perfect. After carrying out lots of research on the issue, I have learnt that sometimes the word ~I trust you~ is better than ~I love you~. Sooner or later the woman or man in your life is bound to mess up. He/she is only human,but if you trust your partner you are likely to forgive and forget their mistakes than if you don’t trust them accordingly.

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Trust is the firm belief in the reliability,truth,ability or strength of someone.It is such a delicate, yet magical word and it lies within the heart of a strong relationship. If you can learn to trust your partner, you’d have a lover,a best friend and a confidante.

Building trust in a relationship is crucial for a successful relationship,but must people look at trust as a threatening and sensitive burden? Trust plays a more integral role in a relationship than simply keeping peace.

“Trust helps people think less about the risks of getting close to someone, depending on them and see them in a positive light”says Luchies.

It is learned and earned.

Reasons why trust is really important in our relationship is that our sense of security in a relationship is based on a foundation of its mutualism. In a mutually trusting environment we are free to be ourselves without feeling any need to guard our hearts from possible treachery as in the case of Njoki and Hill her boyfriend. When we feel safe and secure there is absolutely no need to hide our true feelings or raise our defenses as in the case of a two week prolonged silence between our two subjects.

On the other end of the spectrum, luck of trust is akin to insecurity and vulnerability.In a relationship there is nothing more corrosive than suspicion and distress. It’s more of cancerous and can easily grow out of control. Once it goes out of control, just like Njoki, it will consume the life and love right out of your once happy situation.

“Trust doesn’t come with a refill.Once it’s gone you probably won’t get it back and if you do, it will never be the same.”

Even as we struggle to maintain and promote mutualism in trust, there are possible and great ways of keeping suspicious motives out of our relationships. Some of the ways make up the trust amplifying tips you should consider to maintain in a relationship. Here are some 15 tips which you inclusive of Njoki should think of staying close to and believing in to stabilise your relationship. Remember “him’ doesn’t imply the male species only within the context of this statements.

1. Have faith in your partners capabilities.

2. Acknowledge your partners thoughts and feelings.

3. Be up front with each other.

4. Expand your relationship consistently.

5.Express confidence in each other.

6. Be tactfully honest.

7. Be reliable.

8. Show him your flaws.

9. Avoid unnecessary secrecy.

10. Confide in him.

11. Get fully Invested.

12. Keep your promises.

13. Don’t judge.

14. Act in harmony with your words.

15. Trust your partner.

Am not a relationship geek though and definitely not the only reader nor author whose opinion will be valued by Njoki. Be sure to add up your thoughts in the comment box below. Let’s help Njoki out of her distress together as @MagazineReel family.





We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. Thanks a lot. And that’s True, without communication there is no trust and with no trust there is no relationship.

  2. Trust in a relshp is the only key point. Wthout trust, lv wil neva b d same. It wil fed time in out. Just get determined and tel d boy wat u want, if he s nt ready to change, walk away. U beta get hurt once than creating a chain of hurtings! Remember, no trust no lv.

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