2 GIT Students Dead After Allegedly Being Ran Over by a Police Vehicle in Kisii


Tension is high in Gusii institute of science and technology this morning following protests by the students within the streets of the institute.

A local site has reported that the students are protesting the killing of two of their colleagues.

“Unconfirmed reports reaching us indicate that there is high commotion in Gusii Institute of science and technology and its environs as students take to the streets to protest against killing of their two counterparts”, the report indicate.

One of the students who spoke to a local media house indicated that on late May 14, 2015 two students were knocked down to death in what is believed to be a police vehicle. The students died on the spot and their bodies were left lying on the roadside for more than 12 hours.

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This allegations on killings by the police comes only months after revelations that two Egerton university students had been shot dead by the police in Nairobi.

The two who were killed late last year had gone to deliver their Higher education Loans application forms in HELB offices when they met their death. Reports allegedly indicated that close to seven bullets were sprayed on them.

The authorities promised to investigate the matter and bring to justice those who were involved. It is not yet clear if the investigations were concluded and if the families of the affected got any justice as it was promised.

As opposed to Egerton students who only threatened to go on the rampage but did not actualise their plans, the GIT Students have closed Kisii-Keroka road and police are trying to disburse them with teargas. Gunshots were heard from a distance and some police have been injured in the scuffle.

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