254 LIVE: Egerton University’s New Show that Promotes Talent Among Students

Koyo Egerton University

Egerton University being a world class university has students with various talents and skills that should be exposed to the World.Together with the CoELIB Media team based at Egerton University,Caleb Koyo has come up with an online show dubbed +254 Live that is doing exactly that.

On the first episode of the show ,Caleb Koyo featured Infinity flames models,based at Egerton University,the group is made up of student-models who specialize in Runway modeling,Photo-modeling and product promotions.

Ahead of the second episode coming in a few days,you can be the first to watch it by liking the CoELIB Media Facebook Page or staying close on twitter @KoyoOdongo and @MagazineReel

Watch the full clip here

We Are Hiring!! Writer



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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