254Celebrity+|DJ MO: Egerton University Is A Disgrace. It’s A Collateral Damage To My Career.

Dj mo,david the student,Mc spice and xtian della during the event

The long awaited Mr and Miss Egerton University was actually not up to people’s expectations even after a huge amount of fee for the tickets. Dj Obidan the flopping Gender,sports and entertainment minister was actually not up to the task on Friday night and he left us with a hell lot of disappointments more than we expected. He calls up Dj Mo the top Dj and fails to recognize his presence in the show.

Who waits for more disappointments? Not Dj Mo.
Anyway, the show was a flop from the word go. The gates were opened past 10:00pm and guys settling the midnight was already knocking.

download (1)The performance were just poor. The organization was down to earth. The sound system annoying. What could keep the topa Dj Mo waiting to even do his mixes in an already confused show? I wish I never showed up for this disgrace.

“Egerton University is a disgrace to the entertainment industry. Coming to Egerton university for this Miss and Mr. whatever, some Egerton university stuff is actually just a collateral damage to my career. It’s just an entertainment suicide.” This is the best Dj Mo could talk after the show. I give him thumbs up because he never lied. He actually spoke the truth.

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Mr. and Miss Egerton University is a flop. And was never even to happen in the very first place. The female contesters showed us the best of their worst. Not to talk of the male contestors who for real had no content totally. Even after all the rehearsals, time wastage with the judges. Expensive suits all you could give was to piss me off on stage? You deserve a kick on your balls. If I could do that, I swear I wouldn’t think twice.

Miss and Mr. Egerton university, actually I got nothing to say to you but one, if it is going to be like this in the coming events, you better not make it a show at all!



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