254Celebrity+|Like it or Not, Octopizzo the Slum Boy Still Runs +254


“Who said you must come from a better background to be the best lyricist in Kenya? Who lied to you that you must go to higher learning to know how to ‘chora mistari’? Who said you must be handsome to get fans and make it to the top? Who said you must come from Lavington or Maringo to be identified as one of the most famous, hot and ever blazing artist in the world? That person lied to you. I am Octopizzo from K-Town. Number nane. The most obnoxious promiscuously low life slum in Africa and I still made it to the top. They run their mouth as I run them out. Mi ni Tergat,team Tergat. King of Chocolate City”

This controversial Kenyan number one rapper is making advances to hit not only in Kenya with his skillful rap talent but Africa and the world too. The hip hop crooner was accused of sacrificing his mother to join Illuminati though he never admits he ever did such a catastrophic unrealistic accusation. He loved his mother. She struggled with him till he was done with high school life after which he saw no windows open for higher learning due to financial mayhem.
downloadimagesEvery year this young, rich and famous Kenyan born world top rap artist drops hit after hit. He was first known for his own singles in Young Gifted and Black –Octopizzo On Top. And without fear of contradiction I confirm to you the song was on top just like the title was. Black star was a hit too where he featured his beautiful super talented young daughter Tracy. The song was just phenomenal.

His latest album is hot and coming. He has released the latest single Jump PYDU. I think there is no otherwise for you if you are a Kenyan and a hip hop lover to go straight and grab your own copy. Wow! This song is amazing. When I say amazing, it’s entirely that.

In Jump PYDU Octopizzo confirms he is the best lyricist ever. He runs +254. It’s true. The intro of this hit is magnificent. Rabbit talked of ‘wasanii waende shule’, Octopizzo introduces this song more than an intellect. Rabbit you need to review your statement on Octopizzo. He still runs the Chocolate city.

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“It tastes different. I’ve never really viewed myself as particularly talented. I view myself as slightly above average in talent. And where I excel is ridiculous. Sickening work hard. While other guys sleeping, I’m working, while other guys are eating I’m working.”

Who thought he could be that fluent in his speech. Oh my! Haters poleni iza. Kwa hip hop mi ndo kusema. Niko able kukudis nikuache disable. This guy is just awesome.

Jump PYDU was a dedication to the fallen soldiers. RIP Fidel Odinga. The wonderful catchy video was actually not a Kenyan production, he shot the video all the way in Paris. He says it is cheaper there and he does not need that a manager in his production.

There are many more to come. Keep it locked at 254Celebrity+.




  1. Okay, let me donate a comment, you are almost as poor in writing as Octo is in hip-hop …welcome!

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