3 Considerations for Recent Graduates Making Job Applications

Fresh graduate graduation seku job applications

What makes a recent graduate a considerable hire?

On the 7th of April, USIU’s Auditorium was the venue of a very critical talk on recent graduates’ expectations versus the reality they are met with in the job market. The talk was attended by current students and alumni of the institution.

The panelists from various sectors included Dolly Sagwe- Onyoni Director Business Finance of Oracle East Africa, Regional Business Head of Raya Integration Jerry Shikhule, Elizabeth Simuyu- Bisher  founder of Slim Therapy as well as  Kiarie Njoroge founder of Lafayette Resource.  The panelists pointed out that the journey to securing a job and establishing a career are two different paths. Recent graduates must make strategic decisions to accelerate the growth of their career. Here are some of the lessons learnt:

1.Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

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Education begins once one steps out of the classroom. To be a competitive hire, one must be able to learn, unlearn and relearn relevant skills that could push them further in the job market and work to an organization’s goals and objectives.

2.You Are The Company You Keep

A recent graduate hoping to make big moves in their career should keep the company of those who share their ideals and drive. The wrong company could mislead the best of us and derail one’s progress. According to Dolly Sagwe, “your actions should announce your value system.” Your attempts to better yourself and improve the prospects for a successful career are in your hands. A little effort and lots of strategising go a long way.

3. No One Owes You Anything

As graduates, many believe that a degree will hand them opportunities on a silver platter. The harsh truth is that your expectations may not be met by the reality. Therefore it is important to appreciate that no one owes you anything. To achieve anything, you must work for it. As a recent graduate, do your research and seek out opportunities. Do not give up, and always seek to improve your skills to maintain your spot at the top.



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