Meet MKUSA Aspirant Who Intends To Spend Kshs. 80,000 On Meal Cards


At Mount Kenya University, the environment is just right for the nurturing of leaders. They have a Students Council like any other University. All interested students go through an electoral process which culminates in secret balloting. They all have an equal chance to be elected regardless of where they come from. Once elected, the student leaders engage the university management on various issues of concern. They agree to disagree then  finally agree to the satisfaction of all.

mkusa_constitutionMKU realize that diplomatic approach to issues ensures peace and harmony on campus. Such a good atmosphere has ensured that learning activities go uninterrupted. The learning materials and facilities on campus are unparalleled hence the soaring reputation of MKU as a place to be. Their shared vision and leadership will definitely make MKU an even better institution of higher learning not only in Africa but the world. We

Mount Kenya University Students Association( MKUSA ) is the  leading association consisting of the university student leaders. The association is led by a democratically elected cabinet consisting of 9 members. They are assisted by 2 nominated members. Hence, a total of 11 cabinet members.

And as the elections are drawing closer, a student running for a post in Mount Kenya University student union (MKUSA) intends to spend about Ksh. 80,000.00 in her campaign. Sharleen , commonly known as “VP SHAR, who will run for MKUSA Vice Chair, told BRAYSONS MEDIA the money would popularise across all MKU Campuses.

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4-279x300“I am yet to splash more on this bid,Helping my fellow comrades to me has no limitation… Comrades must enjoy ” Said Sharleen.

Our correspondent said Sharleen had already spent Sh50,000 for students’ meals between January 10-11 at a restaurant in Thika town.

Sharleen is marked the most trending student politician in the Kenya Students’ political platform. She equally enjoys a good relationship with some prominent women personalities like the former Devolution CS, Anne Waiguru, and Kiambu County Women Representative, who is her all round mentor

Kenya’s Ambassador to Israel Lt Gen (Rtd) Augostino Njoroge is said to be her major sponsor.




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