The Fate of Luo Students in KAFUCO Unknown as Tribalism Takes Sweeps Across the Institution

Ever found yourself in a situation where you are accused yet you
are innocent. You are accused not because it was a mistake but because your surname betrayed
This is the situation at Kaimosi Friends University College
(KAFUCO) where apparently, disciplinary cases are going on.
This is after the institutions’ last years student unions general election.
Students of the university differed after the elections results had been announced. The looser in the presidential docket
refused to accept results claiming that the elections were not up to fair standards. He claimed that his
opponent had stolen votes. An allegation which the opponent refused to acknowledge.
Hell broke loose the next day when
students started throwing blows at each other with each team in need of being seen as the winner take it all. As per now the institution lacks a student union president.
It is after the rogue elections that a list of suspects was come up with. According to letters given to the suspects, some of the crimes they were accused of are;
Beating up a student, Disrupting Meeting, interupting lectures and many more. But are these true?

According to luo students at the institution, the adminstration was
not in any way fair while giving out the letters. The student complained that only luo students were issued with the suspension letters and if a luo missed the letter then his or her name does not start with a letter O or A.

One of the students complained that tribalism has extended its roots
in the school with luhyas calling the school “Shule yao”. It is said
that luos in the school are highly discriminated and that the
adminstration would allegedly do anything to make them fail.

Unconfirmed reports also notes that several other students are planning to take matters into their own hands should their colleagues be shown the door over what they allegedly claim they didn’t do or take part in.
KAFUCO is not alone in matters tribalim within the Higher learning institutions, Weeks ago, students at Maasai Mara university were sent home after a tribal war had broken out. Reports indicate that a tribal football match had led to animosity between members of the luo and Maasai community.




  1. ACTUALLY..this is a very sad story,,,tribalism,,racism,,nepotism and any kind of discrimination should not be given room at any condition,,,a serious action should be taken against the matter,,bcoz that behaviour in KAFUCO is just extremely below the standards of University education.

  2. This was a backward and barbaric system of management and the uncultured individuals behind this should be grilled by Ole Kaparo.

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