1. may I know when the loan will be disbursed to the account for the undergraduate who applied late march 2016 for the first time??

  2. am very happy for the reward you had given to me though am just waiting it to be structure in my account plz i may like to know the extend that the process had take and the day we are about to receive them

  3. please I have been awarded the loan but the account is reading zero please consider that please…..
    ID on 34922099

  4. I received a message for the loan award but till now my account reads nothing or in other words nothing has been disbursed to my account. This is the money i am planing to pay fees with as the school is yet to be opened in due time please help me the necessary.

  5. i have not received any notification whether i qualify to get helbloan or not so i don’t know whether to appeal or not,id no.34562730…please let me know if I qualified to get the helb loan

  6. I have not received any confirmation letter for an award of obtaining the first time disbursment yet others have received the same
    Id no.33954827

  7. May i know when the disbersment will be done for the self sponsered students becouse the government students have already receved theirs,please,,that is for the year 2016/2017.id no,33474357

  8. I haven’t received any notification or text message that I have qualified to be awarded helb loan first application 2016/2017 so I am not sure whether to appeal or not please help me id number 35037840
    thank you.

  9. Hello I applied for helb loan and received a message that I had received 45000 but I have never received any disbursement. Kindly help me out. This is the second time with no helb loan disbursement. Thank you

  10. i have received atext that indicates award of 45000 but my account balance reads zero.i kindly request for a confirmation.ID 34647886.Thank you.

  11. i applied for first time helb loan last year(2016),and later received a message that i had been awarded with 45000.on the portal it shows a dusbursement of the same amount but up to now(2017)i have received nothing on my account…please check the problem for me,I.D NO.33805368

  12. hi, I received a confirmation text that I have been awarded some cash last year 2016 on 9th November as the first applicant 2016/2017.but upto now my account is reading zero I don’t understand where might be the problem. my ID no. is 32813491.

  13. I also applied for a loan and until now I can’t see any notification please check what’s wrong I’d number 34989413 ADM no BBM/ 193/2015 maasai Mara university

  14. Hello I got the message of helb loan early November but up to now hv not yet got the money in my bank account.What might the problem??please help me if u can Thanks.

  15. I got the message that I have been awarded 45000 but upto now my account still reads zero am a first applicant 2016/2017 kindly check where the problem is id no 34343651

  16. I applied for helb loan last year 2016 .After wards I got a notification that have been awarded 45000 shillings but up to now my bank account reads zero and have not paid my fee so am strunded because I still don’t know how I ‘ll pay my fee please check for me .Tell no. 0703329425 ID no 34173837

  17. I am an applicant 2016/2017 I got notification message that I got helb but didn’t get disbursement message and my acaunt too reads zero ..can I kindly know the problrm
    tel no 0704225385.Id no 34375051

  18. hello!please may I know if you received my application form for Helb because I applied and have not received any notification if I was awarded or not it my only option so please let me know.I’d no is 33290847.thank u.email jacklinekaregi100@yahoo.com

  19. Received my 1st allocation for the 2nd subsequent application around September but for the second allocation, I only received 4000ksh for tuition around November and up to now no awarding message has been sent to me. Please help me.

  20. I got the text notifying me that i have been given the loan only i was to wait for it to be disbursed.Since that time i have not received anything .Plz kindly assist ,I,.D no 33286991

  21. I got the text notifying me that i have been given the loan only i was to wait for it to be disbursed.Since that time i have not received anything .please kindly assist ,I,.D no 33286991

  22. Hi? I received a message that I have been awarded loan 2016/2017 and that I should wait for disbursement but since then have not received the loan yet. Advice on the next step please.

  23. I received a notification for loan qualification last year November haven’t received any information of the amount given making my registration difficult a probability of missing exam please help I’d no 32637498

  24. Hae helb my helb portal shows i have received money but doesnt reflect in the bank account pls check into that my id no is 33962677

  25. kindly i have applied for helb loan increament but so far i have never received any notification .so kindly please may i request for the on going status,ID NO 33378388

  26. What could be the cause of delay since I applied this money last year I have never received cash 34727393

  27. Hi to you i have not received my disbusement amount of money i was disbused by helb 2016/2017 any udates on Masheti Mike Imaala id 30707838

  28. hello,i received a txt on 10th march 2017 that i have been awarded 45000 but mah account still reads zero balance up to now,so please kindly assist on disbursement, I’d no.34238925

  29. Am Mokua mokeira depporah you awarded me some money for the first application,can I know when the money will be disbursed(Maseno university)contact me 0706094273,I’d no33261521

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