UoN’s FISA Organises Career Fair to Increase Graduate’s Chances of Securing Job


Many students graduate each year with the hopes of getting jobs yet too often the most qualified miss out on employment opportunities because of poorly written resumes and poor performance at interviews. It’s in this regard that we organize an annual all university career fair aimed at helping job seekers find out how to target their resume and maximize interest in their cover letter by articulating their skills and accomplishments.

The FISA all university career fair is the premier education, training and employment exhibition in the University of Nairobi. Held since 2009, the expo has been the leading platform for organizations to present career pathways and further education opportunities – not only to students and school leavers but also to members of the community who wish to increase their skills or employment prospects.

The event involves panel and interactive discussions that focus on various fields of interest. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to connect with employers, gain insight into areas of interest to them and get advice from professionals currently working in the field

The friendly yet formal character of the event provides a welcome and unique environment for employers, career advisors, education and training providers to communicate directly with job seekers and students.

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Job search advising

Cv writing

Interview advise

Mock interviews

Marketing yourself with confidence

Soft skills for workforce success

Aptitude tests

Futures first global markets challenge


  • Stimulate students’ interest in career building possibilities.
  • Introduce prospective employers to our final year member students.
  • Initiate the networking process between prospective graduates and prospective employers.
  • Allow students to experience real interviews.
  • Showcase students’ skills and competencies to employers.
  • Facilitate the opportunities for our member students to gain employment.



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  1. it was a nice moment attending the career talk… we learnt quite a great deal don’t miss out next time…. The CEO of brightermonday stated that you start from a low level then you grow big with time, she started picking beans at 16 and she’s now a CEO and has also worked internationally

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