Art of Leadership Program; Bungoma County Principals Learn

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During a class session with DVC Strathmore University, Prof. Izael Da Silva

Strathmore University, is a leading University in the region, whose mission is to provide all-round quality education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility; excellence in teaching, research and scholarship; ethical and social development; and service to society.

The Art of Leadership (AOL) Seminar, hosted by  Strathmore University the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), for Secondary School Principals began in earnest on the morning of Monday 8th February, 2016 where a group of up to 62 principals from Bungoma County got to learn effective leadership. The team was accompanied by Fr. Faustine Wesonga, the Diocesan Education Secretary who has attended this program for the fourth time now.

Leadership is a form of art, and it’s an art form that almost anyone can learn to some degree.  Just because someone learns an art doesn’t mean they will necessarily be good or effective. There are many leaders who never realize The Art of Leadership.

The seminar aimed at teaching the principals on effective leadership tools that comprised of; Team Leadership; Financial Management and Procurement; Work Ethics; Harmonizing School and Homes – the role of parents; and lastly Challenges Facing Principals. These array of topics work at encouraging efficient leadership in areas that greatly influence secondary school principals, parents and students in general.

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During a class session with DVC Strathmore University, Prof. Izael Da Silva
During a class session with DVC Strathmore University, Prof. Izael Da Silva

As part of giving back to the educational sector and society, Strathmore University holds leadership training sessions for heads & deputies from high schools across Kenya, sometimes sponsored and other times the sponsors the University. AOL seminar is aimed at imparting managerial and leadership skills to school leaders, who in turn use these skills to transform their schools into centers of excellence.


The one week program received a warm reception from Bungoma counties, with most principals expressing a lot of joy from attending the program.

For details on attending the program, contact SHSS on



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