Maseno Student Drops Out of School After Losing Ksh. 20,000 to SportPesa


The betting industry is tremendously growing in Kenya.

For close to one decade, many in the industry have either celebrated by winning or got dejected after losing money to bets they placed. SportPesa is leading the industry which controls more than 100 billion shillings a year.

Below is a narrative of Moses Omwoyo, a Maseno University who lost Sh20,000 tuition to SportPesa as reported by Hivisasa.

“My Helb loan cash disappeared in only ninety minutes. It was a big disappointment in my life. That was the only cash I had after making a withdrawal from my bank account. I hate gambling because it just ruined me,” he said in an interview.

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“I started gambling with Sh10 then a hundred and that is how my confidence grew because I used to stake Sh50 and got as much as Sh5,000 from SportPesa. This time I staked Sh20,000 because I was sure the outcome was going to be on my side.

The SportPesa multi bet was persuasive. I knew Barcelona was going to beat Valencia by more than two goals especially after scoring seven in their previous game.

It was until the 89th minute when I realised something wrong was going to happen. I was not comfortable as I kept watching a couple of missed chances from both sides. There was a big conflict in mind. I hated myself, I hated gambling. I thought I was messing up my life.

My colleagues whom I was watching with never realised what was happening with me until they saw me break into tears.

It was not easy to hold my tears despite how public the place was. I attracted a big crowd because it was unusual for someone in a social hall entertaining himself to cry.

I headed into my room because I never wanted to share the story with anyone.

The incident left a big void in my heart I don’t think I will ever recover.

Sometimes I feel foolish and stupid when I try to figure out how my friends think and talk about me. That’s how betting ruined me.

Mr Omwoyo is currently out of school.

Source>>> Hivisasa



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