4 Top Commercials that have Failed, Number 3 Involves Gor Mahia

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I love watching commercials,little things intrigue me like commercials and if the reverse happens then it’s a fail . If the message has not reached home then baaang,thumbs down.,I don’t have solutions though (before you all go if-you-complain-about-something-then-have-a-solution-for-it one me,who says so)but as I do this I have placed an order of humble pies and when I explained myself the delivery guy added some sour dry wine on him.


This Germany detergent with Germany scientist and presenters haha boring. The English is messy but the Swahili one is a total mess. They say kufua ni persil,but baby Elfridah shouts,kufua ni kazi,listen closely kufua nii..kazii!,faiiil.


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The moment you use the negative’ side of your competitor(first time am speaking good of Safaricom-elninoo) to show your positive side,that’s a big fail . I love airtel but if youre services are free just tell yus that the agents get almost nothing,but doesn’t make you better than Bob. And when my mam hates the lady(mama boi) it’s a faiiil,utado

ndama akileta drama


Unga ya jamii

Their billboards all oover Mombasa read (especially the one at likoni ) KAMASI JAMII SI UNGA instead of KAMA SI JAMII SI UNGA…faiiil.


I know you all are like oh yeah like yeeeah hehe. What does that kiddo say again eti ndama akileta dram unampea whaat again,even muhoho cant buy that,lets be logic…thumbs down,failll.





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