5 Proven Relationship and Lifestyle Tips For a Healthy Friendship

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Friends Communicating to each other[/caption]Many friendships in campus are languishing on daily basis due to lack of tips necessary for a special, strong and healthy relationship. Unhealthy relationship can contribute to poor performance be it in school or at work. The Directing Manager should create healthy relationship with his/her juniors. For a happy campus life one needs to lead a healthy relationship with fellow comrades.

There are qualities you desire your friend to have which you don’t possess. Ask yourself, “Am I the person the person I am looking for is looking for? Have you got the reason why your friendship has become an uphill climb? . Your expectations are too high. What are your expectation or intention in that relationship? Do not demand more than what your friend can afford.

When things are not going right, do not sit down and succumb to depression. Allow me just reveal what you are yet to discoverer about yourself and your friend.

Friends playing together as a show of healthy relatiionship
Friends playing together as a show of healthy relatiionship
There I was, standing outside the female hostel as I heard a lady provoking to her friend, “Grace I am not an angel, how do you want me to understand what your feelings and thoughts are if you decide to keep silent?” I stood still and nodded as an agreement that grace was wrong for failing to express herself to her friend.

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Communication is the foundation for a healthy relationship everywhere. Disagreement amongst friends is brought about lack of communication. When you lack this vital tool then repairing your relationship would not be an easy task. Feel free to tell the friend, “You are wrong”. The problem with majority of us is we don’t want to be seen as sinners. Admit the mistakes and correct. Do not be found of repeating the same mistake every now and then.

Seamlessly and smooth running of a relationship is attained when people become straightforward and honest to each other. Being straight and honest it means one is ready to live a healthy relationship. Openness makes it easy to amicably resolve any difference. Do not assume anything ask for clarification.

Friends Communicating to each otherRespect to be respected. Respect yourself. Your friendship is not for granted my dear! Treat them well and do not take advantage of their weakness. We are all equal; it is moral responsibility of everyone to ensure a healthy relationship. Do not treat the other person as a child who doesn’t understand what is going on in the world.

Choose friends wisely. Go for a person who broadens your mind by challenging you. Avoid that who always doesn’t see anything wrong with you. I hate people who keep saying congratulation even if the person being congratulated is wrong. They fear telling you the truth. Truth is bitter but shall set you free from dangerous ties in campus. Bad company corrupts good morals. Some friends engage us in immoral practices such as prostitution, negative entertainment, robbery, drug barrowing and abuse. Fear not to say, NO!!! Stand by your own principles.

Sit down and reflect on your character. What is behind you and yourself? When searching for good friends consider suitable personality. Jealous, aggressiveness, sense of immature, backbiting, self-fishiness and greediness are recipes for unhealthy relationship. Be genuine. Understanding each in a relationship is something good as you all know likes and dislikes thus prevent annoying.

Lastly, dedication, determination and discipline are required. Are you in a dilemma? You don’t know what to do next. Feel free to share with me and be ready to overcome.



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