8 Ways your Body Language can Earn you a Job During an Interview

8 Ways your Body Language can Earn you a Job During an Interview
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Every learner, in any normal temperature and pressure, expects at least a platform in which he or she can can exercise and prove production and creativity using garnered knowledge from their field of specialization. However, apart from presenting your clean ” papers”, more is wanted from you, and that is the body language that you will dissipate during the interview to create the desirable impression.

The following are the basic ways you can deploy body language to land on a job with rare or no struggle,

1. Maintain Eye Contact at All Times.
Maintaining eye contact is the most basic important aspect of dealing with others, because it shows interest, respect, concern and gives the person a feeling of comfort and authentic warmth in his or your company.

2. Mind your Posture
Your posture tells someone a lot about how you are feeling. If you are feeling a little shaky or shy, in front of your audience, stand tall and you will notice that just changing your posture gives you a lift and feels better.

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3. Your Smile is Priceless
Smile genuinely to your audience and surely they will reciprocate the same. Psychologists unclothe that, ‘a smile – response is not just a simple show of camaraderie: in fact it spurs all the brain activities experienced by the original smiler’. The smile you get back actually changes the person or audience’s emotional state in a positive way and tells them a lot that you are approachable, cooperative and trustworthy.

4. Use your Head Literary
If you’re looking to portray confidence, keep your head level both horizontally and vertically. You execute authority and people will take you seriously. Try to show how friendly you can be, listen while leaning in and tilt your head slightly to one side or another.

5. Mirror the Other Person’s Posture and Expressions
An interviewer won’t buy your idea until they like you first. A gate way to build rapport through your body language, is through mirroring, in essence letting your body subtly take on similar expressions and posture of the person you are addressing.

6. The Position of your Arms
The way you place your arms implies your openness and etiquette. Don’t cross your arms in front of others. If you do, you construct a wall between you and your audience hence a sign of non openness. Decently keep your arms to the side or to the back to show you are receptive and open to talking whatever the outcome.

7. Don’t Shuffle your Feet
Nothing shows your nervousness more than shuffling your feet. During an interview, keep your legs still so you come across confident instead of stressed out or deceptive.

8. Listen with your Body not just the Ears
Display effective listening skills and and avoid unnecessary destructions such as chewing gum, looking at your own watch or checking out texts/chats on your phone, leaning forth and back on a chair as this can deny you a job!

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