A Chain Is as Strong as the Weakest Link: 7 Cost-Effective Ways to Train Your Team Members


Training makes your team know and appreciate that you value them. It also helps reduce the turnover rate of your business. You need to take advantage of the various training types to achieve consistent and measurable benefits. But everyone would want an effective workforce, especially during tough economic times. Here are 7 cost-effective ways you can implement in training your team.

  1. Online Training

With the technological advancements and eruptions being constantly experienced by the millennial generation, online courses can be very appealing to your team. The team can then utilize their thirst for knowledge by sharing the information they learned with the rest of the company. They can choose to train for networking, information technology, and software development among other courses. You can have your team train for ITProTV’s engaging IT courses today for the benefit of your business.

  1. Embrace Functional Training

You need to consider your team’s key performance requirements when tailoring your training. Depending on the goals, you can opt for one-on-one sessions with your team if you want to instill in them the nuances within your business. And if you need to improve the team’s technical knowledge, external skills development courses will be necessary.

  1. Explore Service Provider packages

Some suppliers will offer training when you purchase their products or services. They could choose to offer this technical training online, from the office, or webinars. Your team will benefit a lot from the service provider programs and it will cost you less or even none at all. Sounds great, right?

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  1. Use Multiple Approaches

Applying different approaches to training your team helps keep the process interesting. You can use the active learning approach where the members, under the facilitator’s guidance, get a chance to ask provoking questions and search for answers. You can also use on the job and off the job training approaches once in a while.

  1. Use Virtual Gamification

You can apply gamification concept in the context of training. There are various techniques such as avatars, leaderboards, levels, badges, and rewards, that can motivate your team to complete tasks. It also improves the engagement of the members and gives quick self-diagnostics and feedback. Offline motivational games can help you spend less on developing such games. If done well, your business will appreciate the business.

  1. Make Use of What You Have at Your Disposal

Effective training doesn’t mean you have to hire professional training consultants for your team. Well, you may need to outsource help once in a while but first, consider creating an internal training module. This module will help you communicate your goals and expectations to your team.

  1. Optimize The Team Strengths

Every member of your team has a unique set of skills. If you can identify these skills, you’ll be able to make the team more productive and stronger. Each individual will get a chance to utilize their strengths each day and they’ll be happy doing the job they love. You’ll hardly encounter the common avoidable problems among the members.


You don’t have to spend more resources and time to train your team so as to achieve your goals. These strategies are enough to guide you on how you can upskill the team even during tough economic times to enhance their performance. This way, you’ll be able to focus on maintaining a highly productive workforce which translates to your business success. Good luck.



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