A Girl Is Not A Woman: The Devil Is Seeking To Reconcile With God,Things Are Not The Same


Who the hell do you think you are? You no longer own an a picture album, you take pictures(Selfies) and post them on Instagram and Facebook, you no longer see the need to smile, instead you think that sending your friends Emoji’s online is the thing, the other version of smiling. Africa has never developed legs and so Africa is never in a hurry, we go to sleep and wake up in a third world country so regardless of how much you try shedding off the skins that defines you as an Africa, you must understand that even the devil at the moment is wishing, hoping against hope that God takes him back because he knows who is winning this battle of when the Sun finally goes down. Listen, you think that you cannot have fun without Alcohol, a beautiful young lady like you cannot dream without drugs, you can’t Love without Conditions. Who do you think you are?

The thing around your Neck is no longer a peaceful necklace but some noisy metals ,you walk around in Blue lipsticks, some stuff on your head that has a huge mixture of colors ,you balance on heels like a new born calf ,you Tweng like you have been to North London and back,listen,who stole the Africa in you. Somewhere this continent is planning a pay back, you stay in it but still want to Live like a Mzungu, you might be bragging of a around one victory but trust me, Africa is still training when the time for her comeback draws nigh you will understand that some people do not train to look good, they train to kick your Ass.

Its 2016 and being out in the streets is the most difficult thing for me, I mean you meet ladies, almost all of them have not even a shred of confidence left in them, you can see that by how they talk with each other, how they feel in a crowd and how they really try to put up a smile when they know that everyone else is giving them that “Who are you trying to impress look”. I am not speaking in a vacuum, you know what am talking about and so when you pay me a visit at my place and find me deep asleep on the couch, it has nothing to do with me coming home drunk, the eyes has seen a lot of confusion and it needs to rest, the mind has tried figuring out why Anita bleached, why she forgot that being light skinned has nothing to do with beauty, beauty is how you make someone feel. My 20 year old brain just hanged and so a little nap to reboot is not a crime.

And to you who has kept our African ways, there are things I should remind you about, they will think you are old-fashioned that you know, they will also call you names .But you should know that Airports have seen more sincere kisses than wedding halls, that there are deep and honest prayers in hospitals than in Churches, so don’t be scared of where the waves are taking us as a nation and continent. Be you and make peace with your soul. Africa has provided enough for all of our needs not all of our greed. You should be happy and excited not because you have not been swept away by the hype but because the future of the world is right here in Africa so each day you remain true, you remain true with Africa.Each day you take your dinner, you have dinner with Africa and so you just order because Africa is yours.

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Truth is we, both men and women should embrace our own African culture and respect the dignity powered upon as a continent. We have all made mistakes, it’s time to get back, meet with our souls and find out those things that really matter. African is still growing and that growth does not mean we take up all that is western .An Elephant that kills a rat is not a hero.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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