A MUST READ Review of Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of grey

“The Wolf of Wall street”, that movie was probably the worst that I watched last year. A waste of my time that would have better been spent cramming one more case law, maybe I would have scored an A in my Commercial Law exams. But just as I am about to give Fifty Shades of Grey wide berth, I remember something…actually several things…all involving my lady friends.

Let’s call the first one ‘M’. She used to wake up at 3am to read the actual book. It was that serious. Let’s call the other two ‘B’ and ‘E’ who were so psyched up about watching the movie in the cinemas on Valentines day and it is actually from them that I learnt that it had been banned.

Fifty Shades of Grey is crappy. I would rather have spent my time watching Sponge Bob or CNN to get up to date with the activities of ISIS.

Fifty Shades of greySo there is girl, Ana, who goes to interview this wealthy guy, Christian, on behalf of her friend who is unwell. This guy realizes that he likes the girl and begins to pursue her but in so doing, he has his own terms.

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This guy is tormented by demons, consumed by a need to control. He refers to himself as a ‘dominant’ and his
‘subject’, euphemism for ” sex slave” as the ‘submissive’. He wants this girl, fresh from college to become his sex slave, inflicting pain on her for his sexual gratification, in return, promising her “love”, material possessions and “happiness”. [sic]

He hands over to her a contract which she is supposed to sign, effectively consenting to being used as a sex toy to satisfy his sexual pleasures that border on being.

Some of the features of their messed up relationship include the fact that she cannot touch him, they cannot enjoy a normal date, like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend because “that’s just not him.”

The girl though not expressly, by signing the contract, impliedly accepts to be used, misused and abused by this guy sexually. Taking away her virginity and causing her emotional pain, mental confusion just to highlight. All that she gains from this affair is a couple of rides across the city in a choppa and a flashy Audi.

It is only after she forces the guy to truly show his actual intentions with her, which actually involves being whipped for the dude’s sexual arousal that she realizes that he is a psychopath and decides she cannot take it any more and leaves. The End

And am back to where I was, a lousy afternoon, done watching a lousy movie, and wondering if indeed there is anything that can make the day fun. I’m left wondering; what attracted our sisters, girlfriends, daughters and friends to this movie? Is it that they fancy these kind of relationships? Of being used by a guy, and probably dumped when they no longer serve their purpose? Is it that they best appreciate sex when they are dominated?

Is it the wealth of they guy and his ability to take the naive girl for air rides from one city to another, giving her a car for her graduation gift and the likes? Does the value of our ladies stoop that low, to being bought for a couple of dollars. Perhaps I shall never know. I was born male. But I’m sure I would be really disappointed if any of my main ladies fancied this movie.



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  1. i agree about 50 shades encouraging submissiveness in women but never compare that filth to wolf of wall street….wolf had life lessons not bdsm porn..

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