Aberdare Regional Drama Festivals Come to A Close at Laikipia University

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At long last the long awaited day had reached and all participating institutions were ready for the Aberdare Regional Drama Festivals that took place at Vision 2030 hall in Laikipia University. Even though the event had been postponed by a week, it was worth the wait if the items that were showcased are anything to go by.

It was a milestone for the regional event as it was the first time they were holding a two day event. Magazine Reel is made to understand that the first Aberdare Regional Drama Festival was a five hour event. The second edition lasted for slightly over seven hours. This edition of the annual event went for two days and they are still hoping to grow.

Aberdare Regional Drama FestivalsParticipating institutions included Laikipia University as the hosts, Mount Kenya University, St.Paul University, Muranga University, Egerton University and the newcomers Kirinyanga University college and Nairobi Institute of Business Studies. The participants presented different genres of art including creative and modern dance, solo and the choral verses,stand up comedy, film and play.

It was a real display of talent and creativity with each team giving their best to outsmart the other with the winning teams booking a place to perform at the Nationals Festivals.

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There were many awards for the best performers with the usual pomp carried with it as well as it being an emotion eliciting exercise. The amazing bit of the results was when MKU’s play christened A Cocktail of Pain beat Laikipia’s Intrigues at home. That was a sweet revenge owing to the fact that last year Laikipia beat MKU at their ground in the hotly contested play category.

The event was a huge success where competition thrived almost surpassing expectations. The proceeding teams have agreed to work together so as to represent Aberdare Region as they face other teams at the National level that would take place at Menengai High school and Lions Primary Academy in Nakuru from 6th to 12th April.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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