Accused At 17 Movie Review


Title: Accused at seventeen Producer: A Ballo Story By: First Act entertainment Five days earlier: The onset is marked by a school background where Chad meets his girlfriend Bianca and reminds her to attend the night party but she’s rather confused since her mother Jacky has other plans for her- family dinner with her Boyfriend, Trevor. Everybody else is attending, All Bianca’s friends- Dory, sierra and Valens. Valens encourages her to excuse herself from the dinner which ends up in vain. This makes Bianca rather unease despite Jacky’s efforts to make the Dinner a success, to make matters worse, Trevor’s gift to Bianca becomes rejected and rather accuses her mother for the family fall down and her dad’s death. After dinner mother tries to resolve with daughter but denying her to go for the party makes the conversation unbearable. Back at the night party, Dory gets Chad into a blowjob and shockingly he reveals the intimacy secrets behind his relationship with Bianca. Early the next morning, Sierra and Valens reveal the proceedings of the yester night making little Bianca sick. They try out swimming to drain out the stresses but it doesn’t help either. Valens comes up with a plan of getting down mischievous Dory a lesson. Valens and sierra go to dory’s place and trick her to join in a college party down the street, reassuring her fears of Bianca’s absence and in the event they bring her down to an abandoned quarry site where Bianca had been waiting along. After a bitter uproar, Dory reveals that Chad had told her of Bianca’s inability due to her virginity when they first met; this makes it unbearable for the two ending up in a fight whereby Poor Bianca is blown a heavy punch on the face. She walks away leaving her in the hands of Valens and sierra. They also decide to carry on with their plan of achieving revenge by abandoning her. Unpleased by the act, Dory picks up a stone and hits Valens angrily, this initiates a fight between and unluckily Valens smashes Dory’s head dead as sierra watches helplessly. Sierra is quick to call out for an ambulance but Valens can’t let her. “It was our mistake, we have to cover up,” they dispose the body and leave Two days later no trace of Dory, Bianca guiltily goes back to the quarry to search for her, unaware of the little secret behind… No trace. It is now a police case, the CID officers begin with interviewing Chad then Bianca but still there is no proof. Back at home, Jacky breaks up with her boyfriend with the excuse of wanting time to compose up her family first… as investigations to the disappearance are in place, Valens decides to do the unimaginable! Valens puts the hairclip Dory had dropped on the backseat of her car. Early the following day, Dory’s body is discovered, Jacky pushes her daughter to testify the truth. On revealing her friends to also justify, Valens colludes with her mama to a lie that the fateful Saturday they had spent with sierra watching video. Jacky is in doubts and can’t believe Bianca Search warranty finds Bianca in trouble since hairclip proof finds her way behind bars. Jacky reasons out to plead with Serra to tell out the truth to help out of which bears no fruit at first…. At Games’ time, Jacky sneaks in and leaves a note at Serra’s car. Moved by the note, she decides to help, unaware that she had been noted by Valens. She drives home and gives a call to Jacky, Bianca’s mother testifying everything. They agree to meet up and write a police statement. Right in front of her stands Valens, “so u also blew up the deal?” sierra tries to run out for help but her asthmatic mode makes her unable to. Valens kills her. Jacky comes by and finds her dead and cannot believe, the only remaining hope is gone. Jacky investigates and realises at the time of incident, Valens was not in the pitch, thanks to chad. Jacky has a big task and approaches Valens’s father who later turns down his wife for trying to cover her daughter whose statements contradict her and even wants to shoot them. Finally the serial killer has been known….. It all ends up with a reunion dinner with Bianca, Jacky and Trevor. Stay tuned for more movie reviews