Across A Campus Lady: PART 3


When a man is going to his lady’s house he does a lot of preparation. So was I. A half past noon I was ready to go and take my proposition to the next level. I had gathered many reinforcement punch lines incase Vivian plays the ‘hard to get’ game on me.

I knocked and a faint response from inside gave me an affirmative answer. I moved in. Miriam was the only one inside. Slow moving stress releasing music came from the subwoofer. Miriam faked a smile when she saw me. Her eyes appeared deep, an indication that she had cried a lot.

“Today, are you okay?” I asked her.

“No, yes, sort of.” She responded trying to evade my sympathetic look. She appeared as if she was hiding something from me and I didn’t want to further raise eyebrows.

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“Where is Vivian?”I asked.

“She went to cook.” She responded.

“Alright, let me check on her” I said and in the course of moving out Miriam called me.

“Hey, can I tell you something?” she asked as she look straight into my eyes. I only responded with my head to mean yes.

“or wait I will tell you later” before I could even gather the attention to listen to her, she had reversed her decision. Attempts to persuade fell on deaf ears. Was that anything to do with Vivian? Was it anything to do with her? Many questions ran through my mind.

I met Vivian with Ruth, her third cube mate cooking rice and spaghetti in the kitchenette. After seeing me she rushed to me and apologized for shouting at me the previous day. She was in blue jeans and black sleeveless blouse. That day she looked very beautiful like never before. It is not that I had never seen more beautiful ones than her but after seeing her, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

After the cooking we went to her room and ate the meal with relish. Ruth was the first to attack me with a very suggestive question.

“Ever had a girlfriend before?”

“hahaha honestly no” I responded. They laughed at me as if I my trouser had fallen while addressing an international summit.

“How can I believe you?” Viv interjected.

“You just have to trust me” I said.

Vivian moved closer to me, wiped my lips with her finger and moved her lips to mine. Ruth was besides us like a priest joining couples. When we were just a centimeter more for the kiss to take place the door was opened and a young man stood there, confused.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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