After The Escape: Jemo Saves


As I was passing time I was waiting for them. They had been called over the phone and I knew that they would come.

“Stop it!” a blood curdling order came through. I dropped the bottle and raised my hands high as a sign of surrender. At this point in time my eyes were surveying the building for a place where I will escape through. They moved towards me. One of them removed the handcuffs. I couldn’t stand getting arrested again. I decided to take a risk. James Bond films were on my mind and I decided to try one of his styles.

I turned my eyes for the Last time on Mama Grace and an awry smile played at the corner of her mouth. She was mocking me definitely. In a blink of an eye I was off. In the streets, behind me was the Indian and the two other officers following me. Daringly, I crossed a busy highway and on reaching the other side my heart gave a hurray! My pursuers were still trying to cross the road.

An hour later I had moved to Dagoretti to look for Jemo. In jail Jemo had told me that he lived in Dagoretti. I knew he was skilled in human trafficking. I wanted to strike a deal with him. We take Miriam from Koinange and take her back home. With this I will have saved myself from the wrath of her brothers. Jemo was a well known man and so it never took me much time to locate him.

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“Mtu nguyaz karibu.” He welcomed me to his house. On the wall were pictures of reggae artists. The only ones I could recognize were Bob Marley and Lucky Dube. There was also a very colorful calender bearing his photo as he holds a pistol. He had very comfortable chairs and a glass table. From where I sat, an air conditioner made its rounds above me. It was colorful and I moved my eyes from corner to corner. This is when Joash came to my mind. I wish I had met him. All my problems in Nairobi would not have chocked me. I would have been a happy man.

JemoMy thoughts were interrupted when Jemo brought a class of juice. This to me was a luxury. I had not taken juice for about ten years down the line that is after a very big Christmas celebration that Joash had come to the village to celebrate with us. We took the juice while as we watched news on his big plasma screen tv set.

“Jemo, I am on the run. Police are after me. I want to go back to the village.” I told him. “you came to Nairobi to act a movie.” Jemo said as he gave a thunderous laugh. I gave a laugh too not because that was funny but because of the way he laughed.

“Jemo, I want you to do something for me.” I said. “what is it friend?” He asked as he added some juice for me. “Miriam, the girlfriend whom I escaped with her from the village has disgraced me.” paused a bit to sip my juice and continued. “she has gone to a Koinange to sell.” Joash was touched. “what do you want me to do?” He asked me as he changed the channel on the television. “I want you to help me steal her and take her home forcefully” on hearing this his full concentration was now on me.

He gave a very good deal on how we shall Carry on the whole process.

He was an expert in that field anyway. He had a friend who was also a Koinange based. This was a female friend. She would help us identify where Miriam was. After the identification, Jemo was to go and act as a customer . He will then take Miriam in his car to his house where I will be waiting . we would then tie her hands and with a cellotape we would close her mouth as she awaits transit.

However, the all process needed money. The money that I had could only cater for the hiring of another pistol.

“do you know how to use a gun?” Jemo asked me.”No, I have only seen Rambo use it.” I answered. He took me to one of the rooms in his house. There he had a a pistol and a cardboard that had been designed to look like a police man. He took the silencer and fixed it. He showed me on tho load it and it how to fire.” Aim at the chest. “He said to me as he pointed at the cardboard. With that he was simply preparing for a robbery for night. We would then get money to fund the abduction of Miriam.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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