Airtel Money SportPesa Pay Bill still Functioning, Deposit Your Money to SportPesa and Bet

SportPesa Mega Jackpot

We did a post on how to deposit your money to SportPesa via Airtel Money a few days ago and most of our readers didn’t get the gist. We have since been receiving frantic calls from customers who are eager to use SportPesa for their betting activities but are unable to because of the Safaricom’s shutdown of the Gaming platform’s Pay Bill Number. Though there are a number of other sites which have been allowed to operate in Kenya, millions of Kenyans and thousands of our readers still feel that they need to deposit their funds and continue with their business of betting on Mid-week and Mega Jackpot on SportPesa. Actually, the site is functioning and already, the Mid-week Jackpot is out; 36 million shillings up for grab and another 239 million for the SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

As a Tipster platform, we are categorically clear that we only give customized betting slip which can then be used by anyone to place the bets in any of the betting platforms in the World. We only charge for access to our customized daily betting slips of 15,5,2 odds and 3 combinations for the Mega Jackpot and the Mid-week Jackpot.

To access our High Level Plan, subscribers are required to pay 3,500 shillings per month or 1,000 shillings per week. For the Monthly plan, the cost is 2,000 shillings per month and 599 shillings per week. The 15 daily odds are accessible upon payment of 250 shillings. Need the 3 combinations for this week’s Jackpot all aiming at a million shilling bonus? It costs 500 shillings to get the JP and 500 shillings to get the MJP. We also do BetLion’s Goliath Jackpot ie GJP worth 350 million each week and the combinations go for 500 shillings a week. High Level Plan of 3,500 shillings also gives you access to combinations for the JP,MJP and GJP for a month.

All Payments for the Subscription are made via MPESA to 0792862269 or Airtel Money to 0781864581. You must then forward the MPESA message to 0758271865. You will get the customized betting slips instantly and will also be added to an exclusive and very successful channel on Telegram.

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Now on to the next huge point that we need to clarify.

We want to be clear today in this post. If you are interested in depositing your money on your SportPesa wallet right now; you only have an option of acquiring an Airtel line then follow this precise steps; kindly do not miss the below points then raise complaints and blame games on us. As a communications platform, this is the much we can do to correct the situation our readers are going through atleast for a minute.

How to Deposit Money to SportPesa Using Airtel Money

  1. Go to the Airtel Money menu
  2. Select Make Payment
  3. Then select Paybill, then click Other
  4. Enter the Business number SPORTPESA
  5. Key in the Amount (49,99,499,999,10,000 etc) to transfer to your SportPesa account
  6. Enter PIN, then enter FOOTBALL as the reference number

Remember that you must first REGISTER in SportPesa using your Airtel line by sending an SMS with the word ‘Game’ to 79079. Follow the instructions thereafter and complete your registration process before Depositing Funds to SportPesa using Airtel Money Pay Bill.

NOTE: We do not deposit money to SportPesa on Your behalf. You must do this on your own and in your own accord.

We hope this settles your quest to know more on this betting subject.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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