All-Night Gaming Party Finally Goes Down at iHub, Nairobi

A Gamer Showcasing his ASUS Gaming Machine at a LAN Party, iHub

Passionate communities exist everywhere and this weekend, it brought together the Nairobi gaming community for an all-night gaming party.

While I am not new to all-night gaming, this was the first time I got to be in the company of a diverse community of gamers from different genres coming together for an entire night of indulgence in a variety of games.

From a Gamer’s Perspective


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When you love something as passionately as gamers love to game, then you know what it means when you are surrounded by heavy-duty gaming machines and fans cheering you on as you battle it out on Fallout 4 or take on all-night endurance races on Project Cars.

It’s all in a game.

For this crowd, it was yet one of those monthly meet-ups where you get to indulge without having to worry about waking up early for work or school the following day. Organized by the Gaming for Kenya team, iHub is the one place where these gamers have their one-day-in-a-month to truly become heroes in their worlds.

A Growing Community


The gaming community in Kenya is thriving. Just take a trip downtown Nairobi and you will see the number of gaming joints opening up and filled up even during the day. These gaming places are also popular across estates in Nairobi.


As the community grows, the need for accessible gaming devices and machines is also being felt. Most gamers are now demanding for faster and hardy machines that match up with the newer gamers coming out that require ever more powerful hardware to run on them.

ASUS is one of the companies that has come up to fill this growing need for gamers. At the LAN party, they showcased their popular LG552J gaming laptop that targets hardcore gamers who want a portable device that also packs enough power for modern gaming.

While most gamers tend to be reserved and enjoy gaming at the comfort of their homes, it was great to see gaming enthusiasm bring them together for an entire night and support this growing community.

I, for one, look forward to the next LAN party and I will be sure to bring my gaming mojo along as well.




We Are Hiring!! Writer

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