Anti-Terror Police Launch Man Hunt for Alleged Al-shabaab Militia Members Seen in Karatina University


Following the Tuesday terror scare in Karatina University whereby suspected Al shabaab members were spotted spying the university premises, the university security department has taken the issue seriously and acted upon the issue.

On Wednesday police men were deployed in Pan-African hostels which are inhabited by freshers, all being ladies. This move so far has gained the confidence of the scared students.

Students in Itiati campus, which also bears the nickname of Teachers Training College, were seen moving up and down the campus due to the alert. Yesterday the students in this campus could not go to their places of residence as they had  been gripped by fear of being the next victims of another attack.

The school administration however, deployed more cops to the area to provide security and assure the students that things were under control. So far this has been a great move so to say.

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More disturbing is this message which has been going around in all platform of Karatina University, moving from Karatina University Online Forum to WhatsApp groups and individual messages. This message has had a more harmful effect than before when only a few students had only heard of what was going on in the campus.

The message reads,

Security Alert:

Two suspected Al-Shabaab members were spotted today prying the market mall Karatina at around 1 p.m. The two middle aged guys seen around were also seen around the Annex Telecom Building which hosts the Town Campus-Karatina. This caused untold tension and fear in Karatina town. There was heavy presence of Anti-terror police and GSU officers in the who town since 1 p.m. in man-haunt of the villains who are suspected to be holed in the town preparing an attack. The civilians are urged to remain calm as the police proceed with their investigation.

CC. OCPD Mathira.

DCIO Mathira.”

This very message started circulating as from Tuesday evening after a similar incident had occurred in the main Campus, which as for now little information has been issued. The message given to Magazine Reel by a close source from the administration issued an assurance that the insecurity issue was being dealt with and that they are working hand in hand with the police to ensure that the students get maximum security.

As of now, there is high tension which is evident on every student’s face. The school administration through the student leaders has asked the students to remain calm as they gather intelligent information on the same. It is our great hope that the issue will be sorted out.

I ask all the comrades to keep the comrades of KarU in their prayers.



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