Award Winning Actor Kelvin Gesure Leaves Egerton University Ready For TV


We can only get better, we can only keep growing, a philosophy He seems to be holding closer to his heart all the way. To Kelvin Gesure , Egerton University has not only helped him go about his educational needs ,it has also enabled him meet the right people and above all scale his acting career .As things stand, he knows who the future belongs to the knows that he is the one among many other people in his field of play. His Four year stay at Egerton University has been marked by growth in all angles, he has lived his life on the peoples Lips if not on stage ,something that makes some of his friends tag him the name “Natural actor” . So when he says he is not yet done yet, he knows that he can only get better.He is just getting started.

In 2013, Together with his Close friends who are also his Course mates, Kelvin Gesure founded a theatre crew under the leadership of the late Mr. Gakuo,from holding shows at FT1 and charging Ksh50 at the gate to staging mega plays at Egerton Universities biggest venue Kilimo Hall, Gesure’s Impact both on and off stage cannot be assumed, he has always featured as the main character in many play from back then including “She is ripe for my bed, Why is your Trouser Open, I Love You More than words can say ,Mr. Chancellor” To mention only but a few. His power and emotion on stage has placed him at the heart of many ladies around Nakuru

Kelvin has also served as the Chairperson at the school of performing arts theatre crew , under his time ,the group continue to stamp its name as the best in Egerton University, it is at this time that SPArT diversified and incorporated modelling ,serious poetry and spoken word and lots of other activities ,it became the first and the only crew to deliver an all-inclusive show at Egerton University and Gesure one more time was instrumental in the formation of the SPArT dance crew, something other crews are still learning from. Gesure has also featured in shows and plays outside the university, he has been to his hometown for the acting business at Kisii University, staging set books and setting the pace for other upcoming actors. His ability to deliver and remain marked by the audience helped him bag the highly contested Best male actor trophy during the Chaguo La Campo (Chaca Awards).

We Are Hiring!! Writer

Gesure has also developed as a script writer, putting together scripts like “It’s My Throne” ,a play that gave the entire university a taste of Gesure’s Writing skills and some Nigerian Vibes, as he finishes his degree program at the institution, he confirms to us that he will be out there pushing his talent more than ever before. Acting to him I something personal and he now sets his eyes on one of the biggest TV shows in the country at the moment. With his four year Journey at the Njoro based institution, we are sure that the beginning is here. Get to like his Facebook page (Act with Kelvin) for updates on what is going on in his acting space. From Magazine Reel, we wish him all the best as he takes up his rightful space in our busy world.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. OG going places man ,I meet this guy in a lecture Hall first week in our first year in campus so shy I couldn’t tell he could achieve this much big up #obhoke

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