Babu Owino Cleared of Incitement to Violence Charges


Sonu chair Babu Owino has been acquitted of incitement to violence charges in a case concerning Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

Milimani senior principal magistrate Kennet Cheruiyot said on Tuesday that the prosecution failed to prove its case against Owino.

He said while the UoN student union leader used disrespectful language, the remarks about Kuria were not inciting or intended to cause the MP harm.

Owino had been accused of hate speech after warning Kuria that he would “face dire consequences” for threatening Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

He allegedly issued the statement during a press conference at Orange House.

Kuria was captured on video alluding to a plot to assassinate Raila because he is a “threat to the nation”.

Owino said: “The statement that Kuria made was barbaric. We are warning Kuria that “Raila is not your mother’s boyfriend”.

“A revolution is coming. We are going to look for you and when we get you we will deal with you sacamphoniously(sic),” the Sonu chairman also said.

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