Babu Owino Threatens to Lead Students to Defecate in VC’s Office


Maverick University of Nairobi student leader Babu Owino yesterday reacted angrily after news of a student of Kenya College of Accountancy University was suspended just because the student met him (Babu) at a public mall several kilometers away from the institution.

The student, a Mr. John Lucas Nyangaresi, was suspended from the university by KCA Vice Chancellor Prof Noah Ochieng’ Midamba for meeting the SONU leader at Thika Road Mall in what the VC claims are attempts by Babu to run his university down.

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LEADERS babuBabu and Midamba are not the best of friends because Babu wants Midamba to stop treating university students under his care as maggots.

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Midamba, on his part, claims Babu is a threat to his managerial power.

Part of the suspension letter reads, ”Babu Owino is a well known enemy of KCA administration. Last year, he threatened to burn my car after I suspended a student who urinated in my office”.

But reacting to the letter, Babu Owino dismissed the reasons for suspending the innocent student as ‘cheap, frivolous and incomprehensible’, warning the Vice Chancellor that he risks inviting other students to his office for ‘open defecation’.

“Every right minded comrade is utterly shocked by what Professor Ochieng’ Midamba has done. I can only say the professor is being haunted by his late grandmother. I’ll take him to court for this devilish act, watch me,” warned Owino.





    DATE:18th February 2015
    It has come to my attention that several bloggers and a section of the mainstream media have used my photo in the Alleged student suspension fallacy. i wish to categorically state the following;
    1.THAT the photo herein attached was taken on 20th October 2014 at statehouse,Nairobi where we attended a private statehouse event with UON student leader Babu Owino
    2.THAT i read deep conceited malice, ill intent and bad faith in the manner in which the creators of this story have brought about the gross misrepresentation to the general public.
    3.THAT KCA University student council(SAKU) has pursued and continuously pursues dialogue with the management and no stalemate so far has occasioned involvement of external student unions such as KUSO
    4.THAT the statements contained in the letter are defamatory and use of my photo together with the contents contained there misrepresents the facts and defies the law of objective journalism and responsible use of social media.
    5.THAT the student alleged has never sought admission in KCA University and hence never been a SAKU member.
    6.THAT I interpreted the letter as a slander against my person,my office as a Student leader,family,affiliate institution,the board of trustees of KCA University,ICPAK of which am a member and lastly but most importantly my mentor.Prof.Noah O.Midamba,VC..
    7.THAT no student or student leader has ever been discriminated,victimized or suffered retribution as a result of interacting with his/her peers from other institutions.On this note,i wish to further state that KCA University has a student Constitution that is respected both by the students and university senate which contains a whole chapter on bill of rights.
    9.THAT the contents of the malicious letter will not shake the zeal and determination we got to make KCA University a world class institution where the management and students work harmoniously for mutual benefit.
    8.THAT am currently engaging investigators and lawyers in seeking legal redress against individuals who used my photo in this very demeaning way.
    Michael K Mati-lawyah,CPA(K) associate,
    Administrative Secretary,SAKU
    B.COM(Accounting)-KCA University

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