Before Dreaming of Being a Nutritionist, Kindly think About KNDI

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This article is not just like any other article, it harbors so much hate grueled and fueled with so much anticipation when one graduates with useless unrecognized papers from reputable institutions. I must say that am one proud guy when it comes to things dealing with human emotions, Nutritionists are a crying lot in this country with population mostly having underlying nutritional problems.

Nutrition students in various institutions will never understand this. We Kenyans love to learn from our own mistakes. Okay, for Egerton University students please don’t dare show Dr Stella Muthoka this. The good associate Professor will make you believe that you can be like her when you graduate. Graduates out there  can prove me wrong though.

For the Record, there has been and there will be nothing wrong with the institutions offering nutrition or the course itself. This fact will cling on your neck until you meet the Kenya Nutritionist and Dietetians Board (KNDI). You will harbor the great scientists thoughts that Nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow and that you are the doctor till eternity only to hear stupid words from this useless Parliamentary formed body called KNDI. Very toothless and sheer nonsense.

Imagine of a body formed and trusted to the dinosaurs in the field. For Christ and Mtume Mohamed’s sake, dinosaurs are supposed to be extinct. Those who believe that Nutrition as scientific and dynamic as it may seem, should only follow a certain regime used by Linus Pauling and Mayo Clinic in 1970’s. That era when even the whites who are leading the tracks in sharing nutrition works still ate like rodents. Any 2014 graduate should tell me if this institute trains people.

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Forgive my ignorance but I thought this so called legally recognized body was to champion for the rights of real nutritionists out here. I thought its agenda and that which belongs up to its entirety to Madam Professor Tuitoek of Egerton’s Human Nutrition Department and Dr Julia Ojiambo one of the very first women MPs after Phoebe Asiyo was going beyond fighting Murugu Nutritional Cures, the Mighty Moringa and other self proclaimed nutritional doctors. I thought that since the bill was enacted back in 2007, this members ought to have atleast accomplished and shared with the parliament some of its agreed upon deliverable s.

As Nutritionist/Author McOginga,even as ignorant as I may appear to this old chaps, I harbor strong feelings that things would have been better. Somebody should instill some sense into my head if Student doctors are not paid in Kenya. What is the difference between the student doctors and student nutritionists on internship?. Why do they have to refer to ‘US’ as our ‘MEDICAL TEAM’ instead of just Scrubbing this profession called nutrition completely out of a patient recovery treatment record?

KNDI has made most of us bitter, even those who changed career paths immediately they stepped out of a certain World Class institution. By the way some of us do not see the need of collecting certificates from individual institution’s archives. Why should I go to collect a burden, that which will make me be a victim of junk foods?. What will be the difference between me and Dr. Murugu?. What will bar me from searching for a job in Murugu’s firm?.

Everybody should imagine a situation which only requires you to pay cash and get nothing of quality in return. Sincerely speaking and on behalf of those of us who are yet to embrace being Techsavvy, does any of a tech guy out there think that anyone should pay 4000 shillings per year for a mere updating of a single guy’s online information?. And again, which kind of information will this mega technology be carrying?.

Kenya Nutritionist and Dietetians Institute should hear the cries of several graduates languishing in poverty with their parents back in the villages. They should weigh the possibilities of working as a government intern for a record one year without pay. They should tell us why National Youth Service who are supposedly volunteering getting huge pays at the end of the month. They should carry out a survey and find out the real people who remain in wards up to deep in the night when everybody else is not around. They should find out the people job BER’s are set for. They should find out who submits monthly reports and even new ideas at the end of every month.

I can’t live with the thought that instead of getting a Job and earning, am busy hustling to give 10000 shillings to KNDI, another 20000 shillings for me to be called a nutritionist and am also supposed to attend ward rounds weeks over till a year elapses without pay. For this, I will blame Julia Ojiambo, the government under Health cabinet secretary, the stake holders which is the institutions of higher learning offering the course and the board in its entirety. You are a shame to those who have enrolled and are in their first year taking nutrition. I do not want to delve into Public Health officers, Nurses and some doctors thinking that they know the recurrent theories surrounding Vitamin C usage in treatment of cold and other allergies better than nutritionists.

Happy World Nutrition Day Ahead!!!!



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  1. I share your sentiments. 99% of government health facilities are full of “nutritionist”. By this I mean those who graduated with Nutrition certificates from various institutions but are not employed. They follow the wave of “the medical team” ever morning during ward, do nutrition interventions, prepare and submit monthly reports but the difference is: at the end of the month they cash nothing to the bank. It’s called volunteering. Some have done it for more than 3 years yet no opportunities open up for them. When the government hires 500 nurses and 300 CO’s they’d only advertise 3 nutrition posts.

  2. Anonymous thank you for the incision. Point driven home. This KNDI should answer several questions. We need a national level of dialogue with them for our problems to be solved. I know of a person who has ‘volunteered’ for over three years in MTRH

  3. Neemo my fellow Doctor, KNDI must be infiltrated by young blood. That group of our generation. Grandma’s will always be storyteller because their brains no longer functions properly. Julia Ojiambo has drilled me to my backbone. Am sweating with anger.

  4. Totally agree actually m one of those who have volunteerd for four yrs .Hav been applying yr in yr out but nooo.Dear fellow nutritionist better change to food science or become lecturers.

  5. These body sould be burned they don’t even know how to communicate to their students. KNDI has really messed us up. It is doing more harm than good.

  6. The only thing that will be possible since KNDI thinks that they are legally mandated by the law as the body that shelters all nutritionist… this stupid monopoly can only be crafted out by us(nutritionist) calling for a meeting with the exclusion of any KNDI staff, we sit and think of starting a new body to give KNDI a different platform to do things, the law allows that….kwani KNDI imekuwa kenya power jameni?

  7. Lemmi pause this question to you : do we nutritionists | Dietitians even have a union? A body that fights for our rights. I don’t think so. How do we expect bureaucrats holding positions in KNDI to have our interests at heart? It’s high time we became vigilant and became part of the change we desire. This change won’t come by us constantly complaining about how KNDI is frustrating us. It won’t come either by us coiling back and waiting for a few to represent us. That change starts with ME, that change begins with YOU. This article I believe should be the beginning of togetherness amongst us nutritionist. Let’s share this article widely, bring on board our suggestions to make our career futures bright, air out our grievances and LAST but NOT LEAST let’s avail ourselves for meetings set up to deliberate on issues affecting us. Kudos Mcoginga for Spearheading The Change Nutritionist desire through this BOLD article.

  8. Am one of da mst frustrated lotz n fl dat t s high tym w stopd complaing n startd acting.kudos mc fr being our voice

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  10. am very frustrated am supposed to go for the intern this June n the hospitals available are less than 5 and they are located in western kenya

  11. Its about time we got this union going. If they must be in office, they should at least give interim licenses to cover for the period until one gets a salaried internship slot. One would expect they themselves are nutritionist and therefore willing to help budding nutritionists.

  12. im also extremely dissapointed thay have seriasly let us down, we need a union asap b4 kndi destroys nutrition

  13. Now with all that said,I just wonder why I studied Dietetics.For sure nutritionist are suffering. I don’t see nutrition jobs advertised and KNDI should be at the forefront to link us to employers.
    I’m really frustrated about how nutritionist are treated in the medical team.

  14. Honestly though, if the government gets a continuous supply of qualified nutrition volunteers, they will never employ us

  15. killer of our dreams. i keep hoping someone like Cs Matingi heard our voice n speak on our behalf.

  16. If this is the case then Nutrition should be treated as a common course in medical field like me am planning to change.

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