Best and Marketable Courses to do with a C Plain, C- and D, D+ or D- in Kenya

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Higher/University education is very important to anyone who wants to advance in studies and build his or her career to be competitive in this dynamic world. The fact that you never attained a C+ and above and now your dream of stepping into a university seems to have reached a dead end doesn’t mean that you don’t have an alternative route of setting your foot inside lecture halls; there is a lot whatever grade you have achieved can do to help you reach the sky.

There are so many people in this county who are very successful yet they didn’t pursue courses like Medicine and Law, which are believed to be a gateway to success. There are also a million others who pursued very good courses in popular universities locally but ended up failing miserably in life. Success is determined by the people one associates with, strategies, quick smart decisions, determination and sometimes luck.
If you didn’t manage to score a C plus or more in KCSE, don’t worry, Here are courses you can pursue to help you change your life completely with your C Plain, C-, D, D+ or D- grade.

1. Diploma in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering

I was shocked to hear an employer comfortably arguing that Kenyans who pursue a diploma in Electrical Engineering perform better in their workplaces compared to degree holders. This has been confirmed by various recruitment agencies who have been releasing reports on skills needed in today’s job market. These reports have established a fact that if an individual goes for a diploma in Engineering, he or she has better chances of landing a job as compared to a degree holder. Surprisingly; with a C (Plain), C- Minus or D+ grade you can pursue a diploma in Engineering in any given college or institution of higher learning.

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2. Front Office/Customer Care

Check out the classifieds on jobs in daily Newspapers and you will agree that indeed Customer Care Services and Front office jobs in Kenya are a major kill for people who want to finish up with college and land jobs immediately. The advantage of scoring a C+ and below grade in your KCSE is that you can pursue these courses at any time and you don’t have to consider when you are going to register in one of the colleges.

Companies are setting up new offices even as others are working hard to expand making it easy to conclude that there is a high demand of Front Office administrators in the country. The demand for Customer Care Officers is higher than the demand for Doctors in the country. Can you believe that? Try it out then get back to us when you are through. Who knows, you might land a job right here at Magazine Reel!

3. Nursing

Just like Medicine, Nursing is selling as good as hot cakes in Kenya. It’s very rare to find a Nurse hopelessly loitering in the streets due to jobless. Though a graduate can stay home for some weeks after graduating, there is always a guarantee that someone with a certificate or diploma in Nursing finds a good place to work ahead of everyone.

4. Diploma in Business Management

This is a wonderful course which gives individual skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. There is no better way of being your own boss, making your own money and timing your own jackpot moment than being an entrepreneur and starting your own business while armed with better business management skills. With a C plain and below, you would be in a class taking Diploma in Business Management.

5. Diploma in Business Information Technology

Unlike other business courses, Diploma in Business Information Technology is decorated with the Information Technology aspects which is essential in today digital world. The beauty of taking up this course is that you could easily find yourself working in an IT companies or those offering financial services like banks.

Entry requirements are either a C plain or below.

6. Diploma in Early Childhood Education/Special Needs Education

Who thought that one-day education courses could be this marketable? These two courses are taking the job market by storm as the demand for Nursery and Kindergarten kids soar. You only need a grade of C or below to study a diploma in one of the listed courses.

7. Diploma in Film Production/Journalism and Mass Communication

Nowadays, comedy, entertainment and mass media pay. You know why? Because, information is scarce and many people need those who can relay it as fast as possible. As a diploma holder in Journalism, you could easily find yourself in one of the ever launching TV, radio or Print Media or be producing your own documentaries/ content for sale. You don’t need an A to enrol for this course; a C plain, C- is enough, or even a D +.

Also, the emergence of social media and the ever-increasing need for online presence has increased demand for Journalists. This is good news to those who wish to pursue this course.

8. Diploma in Risk Management and Insurance

I know a number of students who scored grade A in Mathematics and Ds in other courses. This is the course for such students. It only requires a C-.

9. Diploma in Hotel Management

Hotels will always recruit people with relevant skills. One interesting thing about working in hotels is that it doesn’t matter whether an individual was smart in class, what matters is how well you perform your duties. You just need a D or a C to pursue a certificate or diploma in hotel management.

10. Diploma in Accounting

Accountants are well renumerated in Kenya regardless of whether one possesses a degree or not. This is a marketable course and you should not hesitate to pursue it.

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  1. I am a dedicated student,responsible n sincere….I got a d+ n I wanna pursue accounting or hotel management n catering.pliz I’m asking for help in getting a college or university.thanks

    • Hi Pius, You did well in your examinations. There are several courses available for you in colleges. Kindly set aside a day and visit institutions near you for more information on the programs you can be enrolled into.

      • fredoginga<mm nilienda kenya poly nikitaka electricity engineer bt nikaambiwa ju sikufanya phiso am not qualify for that.why

    • Hi Mercy, noticed your comment. I am a tutor at Zalego institute and we offer a certificate course called Digital Media certificate which has modules like Photography, Videography, Graphic Design and Digital Media Marketing.

      its a very hands on course and at the end of the course we can help you secure an internship. kindly visit zalego institute to check out more on this.

  2. am Deborah chumo I got a c- in kcse last year and want to pursue. nursing I had a D in both chem and bio and a D- in maths can I qualify??

  3. Ann wangari am a willing student I just finished my form four I would like to purse journalism and mass media but got a grade D- please help me to get a space in mass media university for studies

  4. Iam Eunice I scored a C stand in my ksce and I would to Persue nursing but I got aD+ in biology ,please can i secured a place in any institute.

  5. Hi, l’m Grace Mango and i got D+ in 2017 KCSE but i really wanted to study Diploma in Film production/Journalism and Mass Communication,please help me.

  6. am Alex muchoki and got D_ in kcse 2017 and I wanted to study journalism & mass communications please I need your help

  7. Am Robert I did my kcse on 2015 and I got c minus and I want to pursue in diploma journalism and mass communication please help to get a certain collage or university to achieve ma dreams

  8. Hi am Ahmed. To be sincere I got
    a D+ in the 2017 KCSE. This really
    made me sick. I would like to pursue a certificate course in
    juonarlism. I kindly ask for a space
    in this institution. Thank you may
    God bless this afternoon.

  9. Me I finished in 2012am a hustler for 6good years I have a book I need to publish and am veey goodd in acting though for the time being I want to do cosmatology pls I need to publish my book but sijui vipi but I believe I will do it I go get everything I self t my mind on

  10. Beatrice wambugu kindly why is computer engineering not offered here????? i am a school leaver 2017 got a mean grade of d+ and am realy intrested in this course how can you help???????

    • Hi. probably we could assist you. Kindly visit zalego institute to check out our diploma in software development. When available you could make plans to visit our office.

  11. Am last year form four leaver ,i had a mean grade of D- in which i hve never got that grade in my school life ,I would like to do nursing …will i be allowed to it ……. Help me please

  12. Am joy i had an ovarall grade of c_and a c+in maths c_in English D+in kiswahili B in geogoraphy D in biology D+in business D in CRE D+ in chem and am interested in taking nursing plz help me , reply plz

  13. Hi…I managed to score C plain ..Can i really pursue a certificate or diploma in either Nursing or Accounting?? kindly reply.

  14. Hi am Nelly and i managed to get a C- in last year’s KCSE, can i manage to do a diploma in computer engineering?

  15. I am Edward i managed to get a C- in last year KCSE and actually i am confused of which course to persue results were as follows; maths D+ eng C- kiswC+ chem C- bio D+ CRE C- history C- business D,,, please i need your help

  16. Hi am George I got D+ in 2017 k.c.s.e and I had C plain in physics ,can I pursue diploma in electrical engineering and which is the best college to study this?

  17. am rose I got a c- in my exams but till now am confused which course I should take plz help me make a decision thanx

  18. Hi i really wanted to join UN for mechanical engineering but my grade is D+ what should i do?

  19. I dd my secondary level last year by God’s grace I scored c minus and passed in geography well having B minus …and I need to pursue land survey wll I qualify plz…

  20. Enter your comment here…Aa gerald i did my exam last year and i got a d plain.i want topu hotel management pleasd help

  21. I too managed to complete my form four course ,last year (2017) and i got C- overall .my wish is to pursue Diploma in electrical and electronics engineering .kindly ,Do i qualify to join any campus ?

  22. My name is Robbina jefwa ,i completed my form four course in the yeah 2016 .I scored a mean grade of c-.i have gone through many troubles finding a course to pursue because i did not do well in mathematics and chemistry.I kindly ask if i may fit in any diploma course marks per
    subject are as follows..C plain in English.Bplain in kiswahili.Bplain in CRE.E in mathematics.D+in biology.D-in chemistry.Cplain in history and homescience.I kindly wait for your responce.thankyou

  23. victor ,I finished high school last year where I made to score D me on how I can join you to persue in aeronautical engineering course .

  24. Angeline, I got a D- but that was not my wish,,, my dream was to do with nursing but I didn’t make,,,,,,, what can I do to fulfill my dreams

  25. guys i got a D plain in my KCSE and i really want to pursue information technology please help me find a college/university

  26. I am beryl, I scored a D+ in kcse 2017, I really want to perdue certificate in nursing, plz help me apply to the best university in Kenya that offers a certificate in this course. Phone number 0743329227

  27. I am beryl, I scored a D+ in kcse 2017, I really want to perdue certificate in nursing, plz help me apply to the best university in Kenya that offers a certificate in this course. Phone number 0743329227

  28. Am Julius i scored d con but with c- in eglish’d+in kiswa and d+in history please help me to choose the best course

  29. I have scored ameangrade of c minus wth B in bio and C- but both languages D plain can I able to pursue in nursing course

  30. am interested in a course in either nursing or early childhood.i prefer a campus that is accessible to somene living in Kahawa west

  31. I finished form four 2017 whit a mean grade Dplain interested to do film production and journalism please help me

  32. Hi the results have been just released and suprisingly i got a gread which is out of my expectation,please help with a mean gread of D+ can i persue a caurse Diploma in Business management?

  33. Hi I’m John a form four leaver in 2018,I attained a C- and I would like to pursue a diploma course in Nursing.. please help

  34. pls my nephew has score a mean grade of a C- in her kcse 2018 exams result with C+ in Eng, C- in Maths, D in Chen, D in Bio ,D in Bus, B in Cre ,C- in Geo. Advice on the best and high market demand training courses ,she can perdue in the Kenyan training colleges. Reply through either 0726270796 or Email Thanks .

  35. hae i have a cousin who got a C- in kcse 2018 which was opposite of his expectations coz he wants to pursue nursing course though he got D in all sciences pliz help,,,reply on 0713829206

  36. Hello everyone. The qualification to do nursing is a C- with a C- in biology. i would advice those who did not get this qualification to do Teaching,it is also a good course.
    For those with Dplain and below can pursue Hospitality and management or wildlife and also leads one to a job straight away.
    Thank you.

  37. hey,,am susan wanja from igoji meru I got a cminus in 2018 KCSE…. I would like to pursue a diploma in hotel management or accounting or front office/customer care…please I really hope to take any of this courses…for any information please contacts me at #0718453207…..

  38. I scored a d+ in 2018 kcse and am willing to take diploma in electrical engineering,,,pliz am waiting for your respond…you can contact me 0715746995

  39. I got a C- in my exams and willing to do a course in journalism and also in tourism and management. plz help find a vacancy l.thank yu

  40. hi am acadias and i want assistance from you i wanted tu persue my certificate in aaccountancy corse please help me find a chance in university of eldoret my namba is 0715396033 I got a mean grade of D plain

  41. i got a mean grade of c plain of 43points ..everyone became mad at me and i realy felt like am a looser though today i happened to be going through the best courses and to be frank am surprised … realy interested in doing diploma in accounting…pliz advice…i did my kcse on my dads cellphone number …0723262405..thanks for posting such kinda information be blessed

  42. I am William Obonyo I sat for my kcse in 2018 and scored c- and I am interested to take a course of mechanical engineering thank you.

  43. Iam Collins ..I got a c plain of 41 points and everyone got mad at me ..finished my kcse in 2018 I need a help …which courses can I pursue

  44. i want to pursue a diploma in business information technology but i failed maths can i still qualify if the other subjects am good

  45. Hi am Francis I got a c plain. In last years kcse with maths B- Geo C+ chemC plain English C plain kiswa C plain Bio D+ which course can I persue

  46. Hi am Francis I got a c plain. In last years kcse with maths B- Geo C+ chemC plain English C plain kiswa C plain Bio D+ which course can I persue

  47. O hi I did ATD I &2 and I failed 2times at ATD 2
    I want to change courses
    What course will you advice me to go for?

  48. I am Brianey from kisumu i am intrested in any engineering courses i got a D plane in 2018 can i have any chance plz!

  49. Hi,i got a C- in my KCSE ;is it possible for me to pursue a diploma in nursing in any medical college…if so advice on how i can be able to get Helb loans or any platform that helps the needy coz i cleared in 2011 and since then have not been able to pursue any course due to finances….please help me

  50. Hi,am Kelvin Titus I did my kcse 2018 and this is what I got: maths C+,chem C,bio,C-,kisw D+, English D,Histy B,busness C and Cre C+ Agp41 with C Plain in need to do any medical course or any

  51. am Sylvester I managed to score a C- meangrade and got a B-in kiswahili,C plain in history C- in English,C- in business studies and a D plain in both chemistry and biology,with a D- in maths,kindly advise me on what course to take?

  52. hi am Emmah .I got c- in last year exam I want to do diploma in accounting please advise me on the best college that I can enroll in.

  53. I scored a mean grade of c+ with a c+ in English, A-in history,c- in biology, D+ in Chemistry and C in physics am willing to do clinical medicine please help me,,,,,,I did my kcse last year

  54. I had a D in maths ,c in chemistry ,D+ in biology an passed in the other subjects ,,,what can I do or which is the best course for me

  55. l am James and l got a C- in my kcse last year and l am really willing to persue a nursing course kindily assist me or contact me through 0717337306/0791580459

  56. l am James and l got a C- in my kcse last year and l am really willing to persue a nursing course kindily assist me or contact me through 0717337306/0791580459

  57. I scored c plain in my kcse 2018 result and i would like to do mathematics and business as secondary teacher, my contacts are,/ 0702609495/0729353633

  58. I’m Dora Mungu,i scored C- in KCSE and i would like to join for diploma in Accounting can it bdm available for me?

  59. Hi I had a C plain in my kcse last year nd a D in Biology. I would like to pursue physiotherapy.plz help

  60. I am a form four leaver and i want to take nursing but i had a C – in biology and D Plus in chemistry,

  61. I am a form four leaver and i had a c plain at kcse and i want to take nursing but i had a C – in biology and D Plus in chemistry,how can you help me

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