Best Egerton Comedian to Represent Varsity in Campus Comedy Show in UoN


The campus comedy show, an event which brings all the Kenyan comedians from various Universities is taking its root tonight at University of Nairobi. The campus comedy show is aimed to promote Stand up comedians from various varsities in Kenya. The comedy show, according to organizers does not only give University students chances but Colleges and Polytechnics.

The UFUNGAMANO HOUSE will be full to capacities as fans from various Universities will be there to support their comedians. Reports show that 35 campuses will participate in the event each represented by 1 or 2 comedians except the University of Nairobi (UoN)/ Host which will be given 4 chances and an MC.

Among the comedians to keep watch Tonight are Eseme(Aeronotical college) TUMBILI (UON), Bashir(ZETECH), Titi(KU), Felix Omondi (Moi University), Odhoge (Maseno university), Sergeant Nyakundi (KU), Probox (Egerton University), Nella Mande(Ku) and Brian Eubias a.k.a Brayo (Egerton University) who is going to be guest comedian.

The MCs will be TUMBILI and FELIX OMONDI from UON and Moi university respectively. Not only comedy but also dance and songs will take place. Kenrazy and Juacali will be in the house, Yawa Dancers from Kisumu will be represented.

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Amongst DJs are DJ AMM,DJ RIMSHOT and DJ SAIL. Ufungamano hall is going to be full of laughter and fun tonight starting from 6 PM Tonight. Entry is free because it is sponsored by the Coca cola, KCB and the University of Nairobi. Come and support your University if you will be in Nairobi Environment tonight. Come and support both Probox and Brayo for they are going to make us proud tonight.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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