Blogger Mutai Dominic Threatens to Finish SEKU President Politically


Ahem, a darling to many and a dear to most. This is what the controversial SEKU blogger Dominic Mutai had to say concerning the conduct of SEKU chairman Ronald Kandie. A number of questions which only he can give students the answers. And here are a number of questions.

” Mr. Kandie When you decided not to go benchmarking in January claiming to fight for students who were caught cooking in the hostel, why did you pocket 14000 an allowance which only begets those who went there?

Mr. Kandie, when u decided to forgo benchmarking of which your SGC attended, why did you allow innocent students to be expelled and others suspended under your bold eyes?

Kandie, why do you always cheat innocent that you will ensure they enjoy equal share of your leadership. When one of the students got lost in Nairobi on 12th of September, you decided not to forward the issue to the administration for thorough follow up? Is your leadership discharge selective in contempt to the students from Southern part of Rift Valley?

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Mr Kandie, why are you always uneasy when you hear that I have thrown my heart into the ring of the presidential contest in SEKU, is there something fishy you are hiding?

Mr Kandie, when six mobile phones were given to you to give to your fellow SGC members, where did three of them dissapear to?

Mr. Kandie, how is it that you are sticking feeling unhappy with the mention of any aspirant of presidential seat? Or onother Trump from Kenya or dictatorial character has been born on you. It. could but no one knows,,,but atleast your cover photo tells us more.

And Mr. Kandie speaking of fighting comrades interest at heart, what things could make me believe you have done to the best of your ability. Have you ever met business people, industrialist, politicians, university administration and other leaders of religion for the interest of the students, for atleast to bring investment of capital and ideas to our university? I bet you will rule out the issue of spoons, it cost 10 shillings!!

Mr. Kandie why did you lie to the students that you love SEKU like your mothers breast when you had applied three times at first year to transfer to Kenyatta University???

Mr. Kandie why did your fellow students leaders and vice chancellor lose trust on you immediately you were sworn or is it that you are smarter than them??

Take your time to respond, have only 141 more questions.”

I apposed every student is eagerly waiting for answers with regard to the following.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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