Boring Designer Class


Am really bored by this afternoon teacher,
Yeah, really-miserably-seriously boreeeeeeed.
She is loud but nobody tends to get a thing she says.
Ha-aha like right now she thinks am writing ‘em damn notes.
Am so down, and she is asking us to “IMAGINE…” ,seriously!?
Lesson ends at 1300hrs, it is 1253hrs,
Those 7 minutes seem like forever.

boringDamn it, I just realized she is rocking black and white,
That enough makes boring, to be , DEAD BORING.
“Number 2…” Is what she is currently dictating for notes.
I feel that she ain’t gonna be concluding any sooner.
It’s better her than those who say “as we conclude” and they aren’t concluding.
I hate ‘em lecturers who use that “as we conclude…” phrase.
Holy mother of Einstein! I really am bored of lectures.

WHAT?! She is asking for opinions, OMG, that’s insane.
Because none of this hungry minds will answer those rhetorics, ma’am.
I feel like , ”yaaay!” its 1258hrs,but I know she is like “uumh,lets hit it to 1305hrs”
Ooh Lord, she better not think that aloud, you know!
Not even she dare, to joke about 1301hrs.
Ooh boy, she is looking at me ,am not writing notes,
So she thinks I didn’t quite get what she spelt out for notes.

So I bend to write the immediate last two lines above.
You know what’s making me angrier?
Some nerds are murmuring “PARDON!”
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Am gonna swallow somebody here.
Hey, somebody just said, “It’s past time!”
And that’s my buddy right there…okay at least for now.
And it’s end of lectures…okay at least for today!

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The Writer is a Second Year Clothing, Textile and Interior Design Student at Egerton University



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