BREAKING: Jeff Koinange of JKL Tests Positive for COVID-19

Jeff Koinange, JKL
Flamboyant and renowned journalist Jeff Koinange has revealed that he has tested positive for the novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Jeff was conspicuously missing in yesterday’s Sunday Live news broadcast at Citizen TV but Kenyans thought that it was a normal miss out.
In a Tweet, Jeff has notified the public that he took the test and had tested positive thus his absence from the screens yesterday. His co-host Victoria Rubadiri could not disclose much on his whereabouts during the broadcast session but only noted that he would appreciate a tag on every tweet.
“Folks, just to let you know, I have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19”, Jeff has published on Twitter.
The Citizen TV journalist who also hosts JKL on Wednesdays has however noted that he is doing great and is among those who are asymptomatic. He also noted that his family is fine and all his contacts have been duly informed.
“I’m doing Good..NO symptoms…and my Family is fine. All my close contacts have been informed. Right now I’m in self isolation”, he adds in the tweet.
The celebrated journalist is now among the over 13,000 people who have been confirmed to be having COVID-19 in the country. Today, 416 more people were confirmed to have contacted the virus in the last 24 hours.
Jeff who has worked for international media firms like CNN in the past has acknowledge the support he has so far received from his current employer, the Royal Media Services and its Management. 
He is also the author of one of the best selling books in Africa; Through My African Eyes, which describes his journey in the field of journalism and all the stories he has covered over the years.



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