Call for Applications-Innovation Prize Africa 2014


Innovation Prize Africa is calling for innovations from all of Africa. The Innovation Prize Africa (IPA) is an initiative of the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) started in 2011. IPA hon­ours and encour­ages innov­at­ive achieve­ments that con­trib­ute toward devel­op­ing new products, increas­ing effi­ciency or sav­ing cost in Africa.

Priority areas are:

  1. Agriculture & Agribusiness
  2. Environment, Energy & Water
  3. Health & Well-Being
  4. Information, Communication & Technologies
  5. Manufacturing & Service Industries

The deadline for application is 31st October, 2014.


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Up to 150, 000 USD will be awar­ded to innov­at­ors who develop applic­a­tions with:

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  1. Best innov­a­tion based on mar­ket­ab­il­ity, ori­gin­al­ity, scalab­il­ity, social impact, scientific/​technical aspect and clear busi­ness potential.
  2. Best commercial/​business potential.
  3. Highest social impact in the community/​country


To apply for the innovation prize of 2014, click here >> Innovation Prize Application



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