Chavakali High School in a State of Confusion Over Cancelling of 2014 KCSE Results

chavakali high school students

As the 2014 candidates received their results today, it was a mixture of agony and celebration among the recipients. Fist, the shocker came when the Cabinet Secretary for education said that it was very unfortunate for five National Schools being involved in exam malpractices. We went digging and found out one of the said schools.

Chavakali High School located within Vihiga County has three subjects cancelled for all the 307 candidates who sat for last years examinations. Last year, the school bounced in the top ten lists emerging eighth national during the ranking of the 2013 exams, with a mean of 10.7, an A-.

Despite this, the school has been aired as the number five countrywide school among the local stations. This has made the school to got into a state of confusion as they try finding out why the students who have been using the 22252 service are getting surprising texts of cancelled results.

It is not yet clear why the Mathematics, Physics and English results of the said school, ended up being cancelled. The Principal, Mr. Indimuli Kahis, decided to send the following text message to the parents to calm them:

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“Parents of 2014 candidates, the KCSE results seem to have a problem, kindly be patient as the school, waits for details.”

It has also emerged that the principle has took a flight to Nairobi together with his Board of Governors to try and resolve the issue.

Speaking to Magazine Reel, some of the affected students from the school expressed their dissatisfaction with Mitihani House for not explaining to them why their results have been cancelled and yet the media is ranking them among the top performers already. They are hoping that the issue will be resolved soon and their results released in full.




  1. how can one appear among the top candidates when some of the subjects are cancelled?this is being abnormal of all sides and also unfair to the candidates

  2. Unfair? This school level of cheating is on another level, btw cheating in exams shuold be equated with robbery with violence!

  3. Whoevere is doing ths to chavakali. Remember u r playing with lives of over 300 students…u may do ths to hurt our principal but remember other lives are at stake…appreciate the school that makes ur region fly in excellence…dont depreciate chavakali…it has many bigger goals to reach

  4. My friends,wherever you got these idiotic information,you are doomed,Chavakali??to cheat??With Black Rhino at Kahi’s hands??you are joking bwana,we are giving you just today to release the results lest you want the country to burn

  5. Very unfortunate for these students. Surely after four years struggle only to receive such shocking results.

  6. i hate politics
    now taken to school now its chava
    all wanting to turnish kahis name putting at stake the lifes of 300 students and their parents investment

  7. If there are no results due to cheating then let it be. The parents should be blaming the principal for allowing cheating

  8. It,s quite descaragng,how can chavakali results b cancelled in such merceles manner?it,s generally unfair to parents,students nd the entire scl.

  9. As a Parent we Pray that the Issue be sorted out . Is it because the school is located in a county?
    It emerged top 10 2013 KCSE the big giants schools in Nairobi county never appeared on !0 ten among the schools;
    The Ministry of education stopped ranking of schools.
    We are not happy at all

  10. heee kahi… tell us. 2013 wat hapened? now you are nowhere to be seen.. heeeeh he. TELL us???

  11. I tot dah only thing chavakali alumni w ought to do is not to involv in a fld of wrangles over dz fallacious preferences the media has cum up wd aftr bng denied the access to school. w have to blv dat deir is sm1 playing tricks n silly blackmails juz to get unto our collar reasoning skills. wat w r aware of deir is results bug dah knec board is still withhold dem to sustain if w rlly deserve them.

  12. Thiz can’t happen,al that we do, kesha,z ,mini.kesha, waking at4,sleeping at 10.30.we chavakalians strive 4 xcelence. … we hav 2 pass nxt year chava! ..’1′}

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