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The Cabinet Secretary for Education Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi held a consultative meeting with the education sector stake holders on Wednesday morning. The meeting was held at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development in Nairobi to discuss the reasons for cases of student unrest in universities.

Among the grievances Kaimenyi received from students include: increased fees, inadequate accommodation, delayed disbursement of HELB loans, offering of courses that are not registered by the relevant professional bodies among others. Kaimenyi urged the Vice Chancellors, Chairs of Councils and Principals of both Private and Public Universities to address the issues raised swiftly enough in order to enhance efficiency in service delivery.

KaimenyiKaimenyi’s proposal comes even as Students from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Dedan Kimathi University and Karatina University are at home after major strikes in their respective universities

He went ahead to propose measures that the University management could adopt in ensuring that the issue of students unrest is curbed. Among the proposed initiatives by Prof Kaimenyi include:

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1. Totally comply to the statutory legal provisions – this is as it regards the offering of professional course where it requires approval from professional bodies such as the Engineering Board of Kenya, Council of Legal Education, Kenya Medical and Dentist Board among others.

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2. Developing a fees policy whereby the student leaders are fully involved.

3. Establishing effective communication channels – Social Media and Use of Student Barazas/Kamukunjis and addressing students issues appropriately as they arise.

4. Appointing competent-qualified teaching staff who should be equipped with pedagogical skills as per the newly developed Universities Standards and Regulations 2014 by Commission for University Education.

5. Engaging Private Investors to construct student hostels to offer accommodation at affordable rates at a Public-Private Partnership Model as per the Public Public Partnership Act 2013.

6. Allowing students to hold independent elections.

7. Strengthening Internal Quality Assurance Systems.

8. Establishing a vibrant and competent intelligent system/mechanism

9. Team work among the senior management team by rewarding good performance of staff in an open and transparent manner.



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  1. Some Institutions admit students to various corses but later force them to take different ones at the third year due to “Quarum” so heart braking…

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