Chiken Feeding Habits of Egerton University Students at the Beginning and End of Semester

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Call a comrade chicken and you will be starting a war you might find it hard to stop, but a better look at the normal student life in Egerton is definitely chicken life. With the start of the new semester students are back in a new physic, ready for the semester. Life is as sweet as its expected to be in the university, as everyone in high school is made to understand, to encourage them to work hard. A look at the comrade feeding mechanism is quite exciting.

The semester starts with the students loaded with money, some managed a hustle over the holiday and those who didn’t the Higher Education Loans Board ( HELB) got them sorted. To some, cooking has become really cumbersome so they prefer visiting the restaurants in the university. With students still reporting, for those who have already reported, it’s fun time before classes pick pace. To the normal institutional messes, the holiday is still on, no one is visiting there. It’s time for the students to visit the substantial restaurants, maybe for a bite of a piece of chicken or some beef. Clubs are getting crowded when the students are rich.

Life is indeed ‘university like’ but blessed are them who save at such a moment because things change. As the semester progresses, feeding takes a turn too. With the largest population being comprised of those that depend on HELB loan, the money starts diminishing and so does the luxury too, students stop eating chicken and turn to chicken products, commonly eggs. Life gets tougher and clubs less crowded. CATS approach and they start getting both busy and broke, but there’s still little left for raving and maybe taking someone out.

The semester takes a longer step towards the end and Egerton students say it’s at ‘keep left’, a statement borrowed from a sign writing at a junction along the institution, towards the gate. This is where a look at the feeding program starts getting interesting. Students are broke and hardly struggling to survive. Chicken and chicken products are a luxury left for the rich. The restaurants are empty and even the cheapest ones are less crowded.

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Kitchenettes really get crowded to the extreme that getting a chance to cook, one is expected to book a space, two hours before time, with others opting to cook at midnight. Comrades turn to eating chicken food, grains. Githeri at this time is luxury, ugali becomes the main meal, with occasional rice meals. A piece of kangumu to some can serve as lunch with a cup of coffee. Year in, year out, the food chain repeats itself, yes, chicken feeding program is a legendary practice in the university.



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