Chuka University Students Hold Protest Over Poor Ranking Of The Institution

chuka university

Latest news from Chuka university indicates that students went on the rampage yesterday night. The university is in turmoil after it emerged second last in the Webometrics rankings of top 44 universities in Kenya. According to the rankings released two weeks ago, University of Nairobi took the top spot followed closely by Egerton and Strathmore university.

Audience close to the institution and several students have informed Magazine Reel that the protest has been on the offing since last year. Though referred to as peaceful, the demonstration which has rocked markets closer to the institution has instilled alot of fears among residents.

chuka 3Students claim that the institution has been applying dictatorship in solving several problems they encounter. Some who gave comments on the issue after requesting for anonymity said that student leaders are always imposed on the electorate by the administration. They said that the administration officials always control the students elections to ensure that their proposals receive unanimous approval from the Chuka university students union before being implemented.

The students are also protesting lack of proper leadership in the institution. Speaking to one of the student leaders, Magazine Reel unearthed that the administration has allegedly taken more than 3 years to solve several issues that were raised in order to improve their ranking in the country. He said that various resources still lack in the institution yet they are being subjected to compete with graduates from other universities.

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chuka 2The students have issued a strong warning that if the issues they have pointed out will not be solved by the administration then they will be forced to force the closure of the whole institution and demand proper reconstitution of its structure. The students claimed that the institution does not favor learning and that most of the courses being offered are yet to be recognized by the Commission for University Educatio (CUE). Chuka University only managed to beat Kenya Highlands University in the latest rankings. The institution was ranked position 43 out of 44 universities which appeared on the list.



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    I am surprised how the level of education is diminishing in kenya .Institutions of high education are very many ,but the quality given is very low ,It would be better if this is taken into consideration ,I want to be someone not nothing with this kind of education.

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