Citizen Tv Janet Mbugua Weds Eddie Ndichu

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu

Top Citizen Tv news anchor Janet Mbugua Saturday wedded her long term fiancé Eddie Ndichu in a colorful wedding held at glorious Chaka Ranch in Nyeri County.

The wedding had been waited for a long time since the two held a traditional wedding ceremony last year November. Many people expected it to be the biggest wedding of the year with many attendants, but that was never to be since everyone was expected to part with Ksh20000 accommodation fee in order to attend. A price that was seen as prohibitive by many and they had to skip the wedding anyway.

Family members of the couples graced the wedding as they did not have otherwise, but to attend it. Presents were not given physically during the wedding. The couples had earlier on urged whoever wanted to give them  gifts to do so by placing an order in Nakumat Supermarket and the couple would later collect them.

Janet Mbugua who joined Citizen Tv in November 2011 amid several criticism from workers, who were working at the station at the time, over a huge monthly salary, was poached from a South African TV station. SK Macharia, the owner of Royal Media Services, is said to have paid Ksh4.5 million to have Janet leave South Africa for Kenya to work for Citizen Tv.

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The high pay given to a new average news anchor then prompted workers at the station to stage a go-slow demonstration on their work to demand salary increase.

Mbugua is the highest paid journalist in Kenya and by 2011 she was taking home Ksh803000 every month as salary. That drew a lot of criticism from various quarters with some comparing what the script writers were earning against Janet’s salary.

Script writers at the station at the time were earning hardly Ksh60, 000 with cameramen behind Janet taking home a meagre Ksh44, 000 a month!

Other news anchors are also paid less. Janet’s salary is four times what other news anchors are earning and that draws various speculations since some news anchors do better than Janet. Sunday Live host July Gichuui is loved by many and is seen as the best news anchor with charisma to attract viewers.

Janet’s husband is a banker by profession and he is from a well endowed family. He is also an alumni of Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.




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    If you are actually going to give people a scoop then why don’t you give it in the right spelling?
    it’s offensive when you don’t.
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