Claims of Tribalism and Favors Engulfed Mr and Miss KU Event


Tribalism is Campus Race affirmative action favouritism scam method nationally applied. Any non-alien supporting it is hopeless, valueless and useless. No matter how well adjusted they seem to be they are victims complying, complying victims.

What’s Behind the “Growth” of Tribalism in Kenyan Universities? A recently released census report indicates that tribalism is slowly eating our institutions of higher learning and starting to increase in young universities chartered in the Kibaki era with University of Eldoret opening the recipe of flames of tribal interference when local students threatened to evict all non-native students. Its not the only varsity,even in my varsity, your surname is significant in many areas. Although showing signs of a slight growth in nationalistic persons living in old universities like The University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University where many studied decades ago, does not necessarily translate into the improvement of the social conditions of the 44 ethnic-based universities  , the numbers in fact reflect further lessening of commitment to the maintenance and well-being of young and future leaders from ethnic  communities which are being forced to keep mum under hot injustices peddled against students coming from target communities.
12794543_1701251713474754_4701379724411731582_nThis phenomenon was played up in the ceremony of Mr and Miss Kenyatta University Kitui Campus  which has been a major proponent of the restructuring of the University based upon the interests of job and criteria of awarding various winners at the event attended by Kenya Universities Students Organisation Patron Hon. Steve Mbogo. KU kitui campus and other infant universities fell-victim to  job losses, predatory degree award in favour of certain tribes and hostile tribal public policies which have closed schools and forced greater numbers of people into poverty and political marginalization.
Since the infamous upgrading of constituent university colleges into fully fledged universities was railroaded into the largest university education domain in Kenya history during 2013-2014, the “re-building” of the university which is championed by the ruling class  is based upon the notion in part of a reverse migration of large influx of form four leavers Free Primary education was introduced coupled with measures forcing poor students in  out.
Even the Kenyan respected scholars like Ngugi Wa Thiongo took notice of the  media articles related to the growth in tribalism in campuses.
The university students prior to this development lead by SONU chairman Babu Owino had to say this after this unwarranted mushrooming of universities and campuses “Am happy to study in a University not named after dead people. This was in reference to Kenyatta University and Moi which according to his view was speeding up tribal animosity in universities given that student leaders usually have inclination of communities from the said universities. The students and other leaders of good will further lamented “But now that this looks like a broader trend, Babu Owino said he doesn’t believe, that means it will be a long term pattern in the same way US flight was in the 1950s when Tom Mboya introduce it in Kenya for the first and last time. ‘It’s not something to say we’re going to move 180 degrees in the other direction,’ he said. And the interaction isn’t growing as rapidly as it used to anyway. But it is an indicator that whatever kind of university revival — whether it’s short-term or long-term that we’re seeing – is involving ethnic communities under which the universities are set.’”

The Poorest University Being “Revitalized” Moi University gave a classic  example where it was said that 80% of students come from certain tribe and criteria for selection of courses are skewed in favour of its “favourites”. However, just the week before chartering of more than twelve semi-universities noting that the two long existed UoN and KU, which has a cosmopolitan population of over 80 percent, is also the most economically underdeveloped and deprived through impoverishment of the expatriates. Lecturers run away from unfavourable terms and conditions outside Kenya…. why did Ngugi Wa Thiongo chose to stay in Chicago even after Former President Moi retired?
The same two Universities which cheers and advocates on a daily basis the dis empowerment and exploitation of the majority population students in the campus, were urged to improve the quality of graduates especially in technical areas like engineering and Medical. This is the case despite the bankruptcies of two automakers in 2009 and Kenya itself over the last two years due to huge international debt burden.
South Eastern Kenya University for instance is among youngest universities that saw a decline in the percentage of freshers admitted in 2015. This is because the university despite having large acres of land did not have a means to expand its carrying capacity to students joining! Kenya is the most impoverished major country in the world but the rate at which tribalism grow is alarming especially in institutions that would have helped to create a united country free of tribalism. One can wonder if these universities cannot fight tribalism, how about    auto shedding jobs as well creating ongoing instability within the labor market?
Making matters even worse during this present world of a deliberate program of predatory university education which  targets the poor families draining their limited wealth obtained through home equity and meaningful employment. Take an example of a student who attained B- and admitted to pursue anthropology…surely what benefit will a poor parent get after wasting a lot of money in educating his/her daughter ?… can we call it technical stealing by the rich from the poor?



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