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coders4Africa Competition
coders4Africa Competition

Are you a creative designer, do you have what it takes to bring design to life? Then come and show off your skills at the Coders4Africa (C4A) Graphic Design Competition. This competition would see some of the best minds in graphic design compete for awesome Cash Prizes and attractive Employment Opportunities.

Founded in 2009 with branches in the United States, Canada and Africa (Kenya, Senegal, Ghana & Ethiopia) Coders4Africa is a Software development firm that trains, hires and manages technology teams in Africa. They have distinct training programs, outsourced development services and foundry programs to nourish and grow internal ideas. What started out as an initiative to give back to thier communities, transformed itself into your one stop shop for software cross-platform development for web, mobile, enterprise APP solutions to clients across the globe. Since March 2014 C4A has pivoted to a corporation for Profit Company. C4A is the powerhouse guiding the developers toward their own betterment in promoting creativity while providing a lending hand in becoming the brainpower for Africa’s future in IT global-outsourcing and software development.

The Coders4Africa Design Competition is scheduled for September 12th 2015 from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM your local time in the following countries:


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  1. Kenya at iLabAfrica – Strathmore University
  2. Senegal at SupImax
  3. Ghana at iSpace
  4. Ethiopia at ICEADDIS

The competition is an all day event which will comprise of two phases. Five of the best designers would be selected to compete for the final stage.


  • Position 1 – Cash prize of $150 and an opportunity to be part of the Coders4Africa team
  • Position 2 – Cash prize of $50


Process will take 6 hours total

  1. 2 hours for first phase (Elimination Phase)
  2. 1 hour break to allow judges to select 5 designers for the finale phase
  3. 2 hours for the Last phase (Final Phase)
  4. Judges have 1 hours to announce winners.

To register for the competition, click here >> UX/UI Competition.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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