Confusion is Not Only Meant for Freshers, Fourth Years are Victims too

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Perception is always taken that only the newest addition to any school are the one floundering to get acquainted with the novelty of a place but this is just a mere belief which is open to debate.

Being a fourth year student at my campus and having been taking my classes from town learning centres far from the main campus locations until when the administration decided it was time for town campus elites to have a taste of the main institution for some reasons though, this is when I realized that despite the orientation I went through while in first year and the fact that I have been on the varsity for three years it didn’t produce any diverse effect on the way I saw the institution that day.

After the most core, locating my lecture room on the notice board then the most obvious followed, the search.

My campus is a recent chartered one you can bear me witness it won’t play hide and seek with anyone trying to locate a room, and thus I didn’t bother asking anyone where my lecture room was or rather my ego didn’t allow.

Walking from one corner to another, I saw no familiar face, I didn’t express my worry because I considered my self-versed about my own campus even after wasting a whole lesson time in the look but then decided to revert to asking and that is when things got even worse.

I was directed to an area which for someone with a sober mind couldn’t bother going to, but because I was confused already from the turn of things I headed to the construction area without really thinking if ever anything could go on under such a roof. Masons and other workers were the only one I met I didn’t believe I had been lied to, the first lesson was almost over I felt dispirited ready to go home.

Sarcastically some laughed at me asking if I can lift a brick while a few were considerate enough to let me know, under no circumstances will such a place be a lecture room.



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