Contradicting Fee Structure Causes yet Another Students Uproar in KAFUCO

Tension in KAFUCO as 2nd Year Students Storm Administration to Clarify Fees Figure
Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO) - Administration Block

From a distance one could mistake them for Gor Mahia fans celebrating their KPL win. But moving closer you would realize its not a celebration but something like a demonstation against something that needed urgent attention or else something irreligious happens.

Shouts of ‘Monda must go’ filled the air on Thursday 19th September this year at KAFUCO reason being comrades were not any close to satisfaction over the answer given to them by this man Monda on the issue of contradicting fee structures availed to them by the administration. One of the fee structures read 23100 while the other read 15100. This was not the real problem. The problem was that the two contradicting fee structures came from the same office signed and rubberstamped by the necessary authorities on the same day. This left students confused on which fee structure to use thus leaving them with an option of doing what they do best, causing necessary comotion.

This was the second time second year students of the institution were up in roars over the fee issue. The students comotion was heightened when the interim principal of the institution arrived. Their song changed from MONDA MUST GO to NANDI MUST TALK. As the swahilis would tell you, MWENYE NGUVU MPISHE, Prof. Nandi had no option but to address the angry students. As stubborn as they looked like, the students still could not be satisfied. One option was remaining, a word from the registrar academic affairs from the main campus.

The students would remain unsatisfied until on Friday when the registrar availed herself to the students. This she did due to urgency of the matter on board thus making second years gate crushers of a meeting intended for first years.

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Having sensed the looming danger, Dr. Onyancha started by apologizing to students for the error that arose from her office. Though the students were stubborn, the professors led by Prof. Nandi managed to cool their tempers down. At the end of it all, it was clearly stated that the right figure was 23100 for first semester. This is to be paid before 9th october.

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