Daystar University Students Vote in New Union Leaders in a Peaceful Election



Daystar University Athi River are holding their elections today. The elections currently ongoing is taking place at the amphitheater. The activity is set to run till 6 pm. The elections and voting process will help the students fraternity to usher in a new crop of leaders to serve them for a record one academic year.

The union elections comes at a time when the activity has been marred by records of violence in other institutions of higher learning. The activities at Dayster University has so far been peaceful and no vice is yet to be reported. Though not very much hyped, the elections at the private varsity encourages promotion of its vision to be a distinguished, Christ-centered, African Institution of higher learning for the transformation of Church and Society.

Daystar University was founded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, by S.E Motsoko-Pheko, a political refugee from South Africa and Dr. Donald Smith & Mrs. Faye Smith, an American missionary couple. The name ‘Daystar’ is derived from the Bible (2nd Peter 1:19), which is used to describe Jesus Christ. With this in mind, every member of Daystar University is encouraged to emulate Jesus Christ in behaviour, lifestyle and speech.

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The University combines impressive modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research. Daystar University strives for excellence in its teaching and research methods. The University is well known for quality in teaching. Training is personalized and by highly qualified faculty.

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Pre-University and daytime undergraduate programmes are offered at the Athi River Campus situated on the edge of the Athi plains on the slopes of the Lukenya Hills, about 40 kilometres from downtown Nairobi. Diploma courses, postgraduate programmes, day and evening undergraduate programs are offered at Nairobi Campus. The university also offers daytime pre-university studies at the Nairobi Campus. Built on 300 acres of land, the University’s Athi River Campus is home to about 1,500 students both local and international.

The institution offers Christian education and communication for excellence in servant-leadership. These are its core values.

  • Christian Values
  • Education
  • Effective Communication
  • Excellence
  • Servant Leadership.

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