DEPRESSION; How to Know if Your Girl is Depressed


Is Your Lady Depressed?

Over the past few years there have been numerous issues in campus but relationship issue has seemed to be an outstanding mental disturbing situation amongst comrades. Relationship breaking up has been identified as the key factor to campus depression that has led to increase of evil cases such as suicidal.

I know men find it hard to handle a depressed woman. Once the lady discovers that her man cannot assist her anymore, breaking up becomes the solution. Relationship depression is the most incredible situation for anyone to deal with. For instance, in a marriage break up mostly women remain victims of depression for a longer period. This really affects body functionality thus leading to other health disorders.

depressed_girl6As a man you are the hope for her holding on and your presence is for substance. If a woman is emotionally depressed, as a man you are supposed to be there to uplift, encourage and motivate her. When a man is less concerned about her lady it demotivates and neutralizes her interest in the relationship.

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Are you ready to lose your woman? If NO, how will you know that she is depressed?

A man crying because of her depressed Woman
A man crying because of her depressed Woman

Discover before things change!!!

Every man and a woman expect to have a healthy relationship. But depression spoils everything and brings enmity. Don’t run away from troubles, a man should stand still to save his lady from depression.

The following are signs and symptoms of a depressed woman;
• Increased or loss of appetite.
• Weight gain or weight loss.
• Fatigue
• Thinking negative and always expecting the worst.
• Loss of interest in sex.
• Over sleeping, lack of sleep or waking up than usual.
• Forgetting easily, finding it hard to concentrate and inability to make decision.
• Feeling restless and guilty all the time.
• Developing an antisocial attitude.
• Feeling down and empty all the time.
• Lack of confidence and feeling anxious.
• She becomes oversensitive and loose interests in her hobbies.
• Becomes suicidal. Do not assume her words. Ladies are always serious.

Thoughts like, “I will never amount to anything”, “He is double dealing me”, He is lying on me”,” Nobody likes me” will always flock her mind. It is upon you to understand and rescue her.

Frustrations will turn someone into a liar. You will welcome her for a dinner but she will always tell you she is held up. If you discover the above signs you should take an action of helping her out.


If this continues then insist her to seek medical attention. Taking anti-depressants will increase the level of neutronsmitters (A group of chemicals found in brain). They empower emotional stability.

Overcoming depression will enable her study towards a bright future and understand that depression doesn’t last forever; she will soon recover from it.



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