DIARY OF A MAD STUDENT: Maseno University Accommodation is Pathetic

Maseno University main entrance
Maseno University main entrance

Can I rename this column, Diary of a REALLY Mad Student? Mr Fredrick? No? Okay…just for today though dear readers, know that I am capable of unleashing fire and brimstone upon this so called institution of higher learning. Here’s why.

Do you remember being in high school? Do you remember sleepless nights or having nightmares about getting a C or a D? God forbid! The fear of the Lord instilled in you by your parents and teachers about how you will end up on the streets if you don’t make it to university? And then you sat and saw yourself, a mkokoteni pusher or a conductor for the rest of your life. Nobody makes it in this life without a degree, they told you. Never mind that you were born in the Bill Gates and Zuckerberg generation. Ah ah. Not for your African parents.

They were willing to scrimp and save just so you got there. And then there’s you. You knew the only courses that are truly meaningful were Law, Piloting, Medicine and Engineering. Forget the people who teach them. Forget the businessmen who hire them. No. Everything else is beneath you.

And what a great place you dreamed it would be.

We Are Hiring!! Writer

A year later, stark reality smacks your face silly. You enter the gates of a university dead in the middle of nowhere that looks a lot worse than the boarding school you thought was pathetic. Save for the grass. They take good care of the grass. And the monkeys. If you were a private school snob like me, it took quite a while to adjust and figure out what kind of place has no running water, or electricity, or both concurrently.

Four years down the line, four years of paying JAB fees because they CALLED you there. Apparently, you were the crème of the crème and definitely above average. So they thought, where to send this poor soul…Hmm Maseno. See, the criterion for selecting government sponsored students is simple, bed capacity. So four years down the line, subsidized or not, our money is our money, you go to school and they tell you that they cannot find you accommodation. Excuse you? Did I mention that it is in a village? Where the **** (insert fun word) are you supposed to go? And these so called professors, someone surely must have an ounce of common sense and a grasp of simple mathematics. If you have 10 beds, why do you admit 100?

I am sorry. There is mediocrity and then there is this. If the accommodation problem isn’t solved in Maseno soon, someone will learn a hard lesson. But who knows? I’m a writer, all I can do is make a lot of noise here hoping someone will listen to me on behalf of the hundreds of soon to be stranded children in an unsafe village.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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