Did The President Slap Someone?

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Finally H.E President Uhuru kenyatta is back in the country. The president is said to have slapped someone on his way to the office yesterday.

uhuru presidentThe President had earlier on appointed his Deputy, William Rutto to act in his capacity as he travelled to a hague based court in what he termed as a personal matter. Together with his deputy and a former radio presenter, Joshua Arap Sang, president is acused of having commited crimes against humanity during the 2007/2008 post election violence in Kenya. He together with the two have so far shown interests in cooperating with the court though they have vehemently denied the charges leveled against them.

Yesterday Deputy President William Rutto while speaking during the presidents meet the people tour, told the crowd that some people had conspired to take H.E Uhuru Kenyatta to the Hague for political reasons well known to Kenyans. This move was seen by many as trying to fix CORD leaders over the matter. Rala Odinga who is currently in Yale university has not talked on the matter.

Though a lot of things happened including all the jam, and a massive population of supporters smartly dressed in Kenyan colours and brand, the president either saw danger or did not like what this man did, but he reacted with a strong well build and position slap which purposedly landed on the guys head with a thud!. Probably the guy had tried to cane Mr President as they had done to the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga but unfortunately the president was awake and in his youthful status.

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The guy was later mopped out by the Presidents security team and he neither found it conducive when he was released to the cheering crowd. Wherever he slept at yesterday, the guy must have known how it felt to be pinched by close to 3000 people at once. Wath the video on how president managed to slap the guy and how William Ruto reacted here>>>



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