DON’T BE A VICTIM; 2 Deadly Effects of Using a Plugged in Phone


Two months ago, a boy died in hospital two hours after his arrival within the facility. The boy who was a Mumbai resident had tried to attend to a call while his mobile phone was at charge. Before declaring him dead, the doctors said that the boy had suffered sudden vibrations to his heart leaving his fingers and face burnt and oily.

Many of us are culprits when it comes to using phone while still plugged in. I mean, smartphones, with the increasing use of the internet, and since they usually choose the very wrong time to go low on us, we end up not really having much choice right?

But this may not always be the prudent thing to do. When a phone is plugged in to the socket, there is direct current passing through it. A human body is a good conductor of electricity. In the case that the charger is faulty, or that your body proves to be a better path for the current, you end up being electrocuted.

charger dangers

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Another thing, if the power from the mains exceed the amount of voltage required to safely charge a phone, then this may have an effect on the phone. It may cause the phone battery to explode, resulting to damages. In the case that you are using your phone at this time, there is a high possibility that the explosion will occur even to your hand, causing spasms of electricity flowing through your body. This will result to be fatal or even death.

So let us play it safe. Regardless of the urgency, leave the phone to charge and do not use it while charging. In case you have to use it, unplug it first, then when you are through, plug it back. Better safe than sorry. Don’t do it



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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